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Long term stay 

Looking for accommodation as a degree seeker, which means you will be studying at Inholland for four years to obtain a full bachelor degree.

How to apply

How to apply

If you are going to study at Inholland for a longer time (more than one year), you may apply for a one year rental contract (depending on availability of rooms). The furnished campus accommodation is only available to first-year degree students.

Please note: we only have a very limited number of furnished campus rooms available. At the moment, any available furnished accommodation for the current semester of academic year 2020-2021 (until 22 January 2021) cannot be booked through the website. In case you are still looking for accommodation, please send us an e-mail. Due to the current circumstances, the rental contract might initially only be for the first semester.

Be aware of the fact that we only process your housing application after you are completely admitted to Inholland. This means that among other things your (foreign) diploma has to be validated first by the Central Student Administration. Secondly, if English is not your first language, you will need to provide proof of your English proficiency (this is part of the admission requirements for international students at Inholland). The entire procedure can take months.

Online application form 2021-2022
A link to the online application form for the Fall semester and full year of 2021-2022 academic year for incoming exchange students and degree seekers can be found below. Please take into consideration the current situation concerning the COVID-19 crisis at all times. Deadline for application for the Fall 21/22 semester and full year is 1 July 2021 at noon CET. Please make sure to check this website regularly.

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Long term options (recommended)

In case you are looking for accommodation and will be studying in Haarlem for a full four-year bachelor degree programme, we strongly advise you to register with ROOM. That is the website of Duwo, the housing corporation we work with.

They also offer rooms next to Inholland Haarlem, at Schoonzichtlaan, but unfurnished and you can stay in those rooms as long as you are a student. With these rooms, you do not have to leave after the first year.

Please register at ROOM and indicate you are an Inholland international student.
You can apply for rooms at these addresses:
- Schoonzichtlaan, Haarlem (next to the school)
- Opaallaan, Hoofddorp (Haarlemmermeer, close to Haarlem)

Please make sure you register with ROOM at least three months before arrival and keep checking the rooms on offer regularly.

We recommend that you register with Studentenwoningweb as soon as you arrive in the Netherlands. This is important, because student rooms are very scarce and there is a long waiting list! When your first year is over and the lease of the initial room from Duwo you may have had ends, you may be eligible for student accommodation through Studentenwoningweb.


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