Accommodation in The Hague

Unfortunately, all our available DUWO rooms are currently fully booked. As an alternative please look at the recommendations below. Keep in mind that availability will be more limited towards the start of the new academic year. It is your own responsibility to find a room before your arrival. We discourage travelling without having secured a suitable place to live. We hope you find a place to live soon!

Please note: Inholland does not mediate between the students and the providers of private accommodation. Furthermore, the building with student rooms next to Inholland University Of Applied Sciences The Hague is not in our possession. It is owned by housing corporation Wooninvest.

Some words of advice

Check whether the agency is listed on the Dutch Chamber of Commerce website (in Dutch, but simply insert the agents name in the search bar to look for listings). We advise you to check if the agency really exists. Be critical and check for reviews or warnings. Please be aware that during your (online) search you might encounter frauds.

Be aware of scams:

  • Never send a copy of your ID if you do not know who the owner is.
  • Do not pay a deposit or rent before you are in possession of keys.
  • If a landlord offers you to send keys by post it might be a sign of fraud.
  • Do not make payments via Western Union.

Alternative accommodation

  • Housing Anywhere (short-long stay) As a student of Inholland UAS you can receive a VIP profile and priority access to the listings in Rotterdam, Delft and The Hague of Housinganywhere.  You are free to sign up at their platform where you can safely book your new room, offered by verified private landlords and by outgoing students. Questions?
  • DUWO Direct offer
  • DUWO ROOM (largest student housing corporation)
  • Stayatspot (The rooms are strategically located, either close to one of the train stations, a university or a good connection with public transport nearby)
  • WoonInvest (This building is not in our possession but owned by housing corporation Wooninvest and currently there is a waiting list).
  • Kamernet 
  • The Student Hotel 
  • Wolf Huisvestingsgroep
  • Room to Rent (short-/longstay, furnished rooms)
  • Student Housing The Hague (Priority is given to Inholland international students including a free ‘personal care package’)


Did you find a room? Go see it for yourself and always take someone with you. Prepare a list questions in advance, for example:

  1. Is the landlord reliable?
  2. Do you have a private entrance? 
  3. Is there heating, a kitchen, a sink, a toilet?
  4. What about the (fire) safety?
  5. Does this address allow you register at The Hague Municipality? (registration is compulsory)
  6. How long is the lease? 


Read the contract very carefully before you sign and make sure you understand everything. Check what is included in the rent and what is not. Additional costs are often not covered by the basic rent.

  • Gas, water, electricity
  • Subscription internet, cable
  • Municipal taxes
  • Insurance
  • Service charge (cleaning and maintenance of common areas)

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