Final farewell to Insite on 31 January


Now that staff and students have had ample opportunity to acquaint themselves with Iris – the new intranet – since February, the moment to bid a final farewell to Insite is rapidly drawing closer. The former intranet is being replaced because it has become outdated and is unsuitable for mobile devices.

If you visit insite.inholland.nl on or after 31 January, you will be redirected to Iris automatically. In addition, any shortcuts to Insite will cease to function from that date on. However, this does not mean that Insite will be ‘switched off’. Behind the scenes, Insite will remain accessible for about a month, so that we can switch back to it in case of emergency.

Users who have stored files and data on MySite (the predecessor to OneDrive) will be able to retrieve these until 31 January.

If you have any questions or comments after reading this, please email them to communicatie@inholland.nl.