Preliminary results SEDY2 project presented during online EUCAPA conference

During the online EUCAPA conference (European Conference of Adapted Physical Activity) on the 22nd of October 2020 Afke Kerkstra presented the preliminary results of the focusgroup with sportprofessionals on Inclusion in sport: what does it mean in practice?

In a session with two other European funded projects about hundred attendees were listening and participating online. We talked about a rights-based approach to the inclusion of people with a disability in sport. This covers the spectrum of opportunities for people with disabilities: inclusion within mainstream settings as well as inclusion within disability-specific opportunities. And all of this in accordance with their individual preferences, wishes and choices.

During the interactive session input about the main question ‘What does inclusion in sport mean in practice?’ was collected from the participants resulting in a word cloud with keywords.

In a lively round table discussion after the session we talked about the current situation for people with dissability to keep them active online and how to listen to the voice of people with a dissability on what they want for physical activity.

You can take a look at the recording of the presentation via this link (Afke starts at 1:18:50). We are looking forward to present the full results during the online ISAPA conference in June 2021.