Self-testing: How to go about it?


Following the relaxation of coronavirus measures for higher education, we are delighted to be able to welcome you back onto campus. We’ve been looking forward to this for a long time! It’s a great first step in the further opening up of our education and interactions between you, your lecturers and your peers.

This or next week, you will receive two self-test kits from us, so you can do a coronavirus test before coming onto campus for educational activities. If the result of the self-test is positive, you must not come onto campus and you must make an appointment for a PCR test through the GGD.

NB: only use the self-test kit if you don’t have symptoms. If you do have symptoms, stay at home and arrange for a PCR test through the GGD.

The usual coronavirus safety measures, e.g. the wearing of face masks and staying 1.5 metres apart, will remain in place on campus. In other words, the rules will still apply even if the result of your self-test is negative.

We urge everyone to take the test
The self-test kits are part of a broader introduction of self-testing in Dutch society. They are an additional tool to combat the coronavirus.

It should be noted that testing remains voluntary in all cases, and it is not a prerequisite to gain access to our campuses. Nevertheless, we urge all students, lecturers and other university staff to take the test, so we can all play our part in combating the virus.

Where do I get the new self-test kits?
As a student, you will test yourself a maximum of once a week, as the aim is that you will be able to come onto campus once a week. Clearly, we are also asking lecturers and other Inholland employees to do the self-test.

We will send you the first two tests to your home address. While you’re on campus, you can get another self-test kit at the collection point near the exit or reception for your next visit. You do not have to apply for a test via zelftestonderwijs.nl. NB: The test is for your own use only. We will endeavour to ensure that enough tests are available but, in the event of a shortage, we cannot guarantee it.

More information and instructions for use
For more information, go to the Knowledge Base on Iris. This also provides instructions on how to use the test.