Den Haag,

Stick to the RIVM rules, in your personal life too!

Coronavirus measures 18 September


Last Friday, the government announced measures for six regions to halt the increasing number of coronavirus infections. Unfortunately, North Holland and South Holland have also shown a rapid increase in the number of infections. For us, this means that we need to be extra vigilant.

Fortunately, no additional restrictions apply to higher education and therefore to Inholland University of Applied Sciences, since our buildings already comply with the RIVM guidelines. Meanwhile, we will continue to make every effort to ensure that some teaching can take place at the university, as long as everyone's safety is guaranteed.

When doing so, we will naturally continue to comply with the relevant rules in order to minimise the risk of infection and to avoid the need for further measures. In the event of an infection, there will always be close contact with the Municipal Health Service (GGD). Working and studying from home will therefore remain the norm. Only come to our premises for scheduled teaching activities, or if studying at home is genuinely not possible for personal reasons. Stick to the 1½-metre distance regulations in the buildings and wash your hands regularly. You will also need to follow the instructions to ensure that you can move around the building in a safe and healthy manner. Help each other to monitor these measures.

The government is not opting for restrictions for students, adolescents and young adults, but is calling upon our and your sense of responsibility to prevent the spread of the virus. We would therefore urge you to also comply with the RIVM rules in your personal life, outside the Inholland premises, in order to prevent the further spread of the virus.

The crux of the matter is our attaching great importance to your health, as well as that of your fellow students and Inholland employees. We will therefore continue to make every effort to create a pleasant and safe environment together and to make our teaching as professional as possible. We can only do this by working together. We have every faith in you.

Mind your health, and take care of yourself and each other.

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