PAPAI programme handbook videos

The Personal Adapted Physical Activity Instructor (PAPAI) programme is a social support model intervention where a student or volunteer helps a child or young person with disabilities to find a suitable sport hobby. The aim of the programme is to help children and youth with disabilities to find a hobby in sports or physical activity settings and increase their physical activity levels.

 These five supplementary videos help to promote the programme across various target groups such as students and volunteers, adapted physical activity teachers, sport clubs and families of children and youth with a disability. The sixth video tells about the PAPAI programme in practice at Inholland University of Applied Sciences.




Do you want to know or read more about the PAPAI programme? Click here to download the PAPAI programme handbook (2020). The goal of the PAPAI handbook (Saari, Kerkstra & Ketola, 2020) is to provide all necessary information for institutions such as universities and municipalities to launch a national PAPAI programme or similar initiative.