The SEDY project goes on!

Sport Empowers Disabled Youth (SEDY)

The Sport Empowers Disabled Youth (SEDY) project encourages inclusion and equal opportunities in sport for disabled youth. Inholland University of Applied Sciences will continue this second part of SEDY funded by Erasmus+ Sport.

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Whereas every person has the same right to participate in play, recreation and sporting activities, this equal access has proven not to be the case for youth with a disability. Instead, disabled youths are generally less physically active, participate less in sports activities and show a reduced fitness level compared to their non-disabled peers. The organizations participating in this Sport Empowers Disabled Youth 2 (SEDY 2) project - all of which either Sport Federations or Sport Educational Institutes – aim to address these issues by encouraging inclusion and equal opportunities in sport. More specifically, the consortium will be analyzing the field of sport and inclusion and the particular needs of disabled youth within this field of interest.

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Next, our team of experienced researchers will develop and implement a Sport Participation and INclusion (SPIN) tool. This tool will consist of several practical instruments and interventions to assist youth with a disability to become more physically active. This SPIN tool will moreover be translated into educational materials to be used by (future) professionals. Throughout this entire project, the target group of youth with a disability will continuously be actively involved. The impact of the SPIN tool will be assessed as part of the project. 

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Furthermore, best practices will constantly be shared amongst the consortium in particular and the target group and stakeholders in general. The educational materials as established in SEDY 2 will moreover not just be implemented amongst the participating educational institutes, but also be disseminated amongst a large network of other sports organizations and educational institutions. This way SEDY 2 will continue to make an impact on the level of participation of youth with a disability in sports, also after the project lifetime.

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News from SEDY:

Project partners

The research is controlled by the project leader of the Inholland University of Applied Sciences and was conducted in four countries. The partners involved in the project are a mix of organisations and complement each other in both knowledge and field experience: four universities, four sport federations, one European umbrella-organisation. Each organisation participates with one or two project members. The partners of the project are:

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