Aeronautical Engineering (EN) fulltime

You want to understand and develop the technology of aircrafts, drones and race cars.

Aeronautical Engineering

For whom?

You like science and its application to solve real-world problems, and you are enticed by the thought of working in the exciting field of aeronautics. You are proactive and ambitious, you dare to dream and have the guts to realize these dreams. You are creative and have a critical mind set. You are a curious person with a technical mind.


The four-year Aeronautical Engineering degree is a one-of-a-kind programme that combines theory with practice. You will immediately collaborate with companies from the field. Below you can read how the four years are structured.

Corona update: We are expecting our new international first-year students on campus for orientation activities and classes at the start of the new academic year - the last week of August 2021. Unless international students can show that they are not able to travel to the Netherlands due to Corona-related reasons at that time, in which case they can temporarily start the programme online until they are allowed to again or once the travel ban has been lifted.



Aeronautical Engineering focuses on the design and production of aircrafts and aircraft components. You work on a solid technical background, which makes you attractive to employers in different sectors. Naturally in international aviation, but also in the automotive industry. You get a good dose of theory that you put into practice during projects and an internship. You follow the course in a ultramodern building on the Delft University of Technology campus. Here you are able to test your constructions in the wind tunnel, composites laboratory or aircraft simulator. And who knows, you might move on to a master’s degree at our ‘technical neighbour’. Meanwhile, benefit from the personal atmosphere at Inholland. You will feel at home here quickly.

Programme structure

There are two components to the bachelor's degree in Aeronautical Engineering at Inholland: the major and the specialisations. The major is the core of the programme and will account for half of your studies. This is where you will acquire your general professional knowledge and skills. The specialisations allow you to tailor the final two years to your personal ambitions.

Teaching Methods

  • Theory

The first part of your degree mainly consists of fundamental technical subjects. Besides attending timetabled teaching, you will also spend time studying independently and undertaking research.

  • Projects

Theory is immediately linked to practice. You work on various projects to familiarise yourself with aviation technology. You will learn to use various drawing and testing software.

  • Practice

Immerse yourself in the industry through excursions and company visits. Already in the second year you will go on a work placement. In the third year you do a specialisation internship.

  • Research

From the first to the fourth year, you are working on your research skills. You carry out research during every project, including the internship and your graduation project.

Year 1

Year one

During the first year, you will work on the technical engineering skills that you need as an engineer. You focus on mathematics and mechanics, but also on the practical skills that are needed in this industry.

Read more about the first year programme (pdf) 


Aircraft Structures Mechanics Mathematics Aerodynamics Hydraulics Design/CAD Material Components Flight OrientationCommunication Electronics Research

Year 2

Year two

In the second year you will expand your basic technical skills. You will study topics such as aircraft structures, aircraft performances and materials, but also spend much of your time again on mathematics and mechanics.

After completing the first two years, you have sufficient knowledge of aviation technology to choose your own specialisation.

Read more about the second year programme (pdf)


Aircraft Structures Mechanics Mathematics Aircraft Performances  Aerodynamics Thermodynamics Design/CAD Gas Turbines MaterialsCommunication Maintenance Research & Statistics

Year 3

Year three

Taking the plane for an internship abroad? A logical step in the Aeronautical Engineering programme. If only because this sector itself knows no boundaries. Inholland has good links with international companies: from Airbus in Germany to Boeing in Chicago. Or stay in the Netherlands and work for Fokker, TNO, Airborne, Nayak, KLM, Martinair or Transavia. The internship lasts about 5 months.

Specialisation phase
Afterwards, you will enter the specialisation phase. The two main specialisation tracks are:

  • Design and Development
  • Lightweight Structures

Check the third-year timetable (pdf)

Year 4

Year four

In addition to the final theoretical component, you will dedicate a period of approximately five months to your graduation project. You will work independently on a project on behalf of a company. You will present your work to the Aeronautical Engineering department and the company you worked for. 

Check the fourth-year timetable (pdf) 

Bachelor of Science
Once you have successfully completed Aeronautical Engineering, you have earned the title Bachelor of Science!

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Make the most of Aeronautical Engineering

Get off to a good start

To make sure you feel right at home at Inholland, you will be assigned a study coach. In the first year, you will meet with your study coach every term to discuss how you are getting on in the programme. The assignments you will work on, will also give you more insight into the professions that will be available to you after graduation. In subsequent years, your study coach will help you decide on, for instance, your specialization phase and internships.


More opportunities to go abroad

The Aeronautical Engineering department has an international network, so you can follow part of your degree at one of our partner institutions.  We work together with institutes such as Graz University of Technology (Austria) and the Northwestern Polytechnical University in both Paris and China. Besides that, we will also encourage you to secure your internship abroad. There are connections with organisations, such as Airbus and EADS (Germany), ASCO (Belgium), FACC (Austria) and Wits University (South Africa).


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