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The world needs strong, innovative entrepreneurs and leaders.

After the programme Business Innovation

Our alumni chose very different paths - some became entrepreneurs, others work as strategists in design firms or as innovation consultants for international organisations. Many of our alumni are interested in solving societal & environmental issues, which is why they work with NGOs or started their own social impact ventures. Quite a few also choose to continue their education and pursue a Masters.

“Currently I work as a Creative Strategist, but I do not see this as my career. It is something I am trying out and am still to decide what will be my next steps. I think an important thing BI taught me was to stay curious and explore, to try out things and to reflect. I am now aware that the job I have now is not set for the rest of my life. I have the confidence to make a 180° change. BI helped me to think more holistically, and to be pickier about the work I do. I want to work with a purpose, to contribute to something I believe in, to practise my passion, and not just work for money.”

Jobs within your reach

  • Innovations Specialist
  • Creative Strategist
  • Experiential Marketeer
  • (Serial) Entrepreneur
  • Service or Product Designer
  • Business Developer
  • Business Analyst
  • Sustainability or Social Responsibility Manager

Our Alumni have ended up as

  • Insight Strategist at ViceMedia
  • Account Executive at CyberArc
  • Forecast Analyst at Philips
  • Client Specialist at Heineken
  • Junior Business Analyst at KBC bank en verzekeringen
  • Junior Research Consultant at Lintberg
  • Founder of ENDAN pioneers
  • Owner VMC productions

Your future job

After graduation, you are equipped with skill-set to conquer the ever-changing job market. To give you an idea of your future professions, we have outlined a couple of them below:

  • Innovation Officer
    As an Innovation Officer, you are the person in an organisation that is responsible for identifying, developing and managing innovation within a company.
  • Concept Developer
    Concept Developers can lead projects from a white board to an amazing execution. You develop and optimize creative concepts that suit the target audience and the customer's objectives. You do this in a team and work together with colleagues from different disciplines.
  • Creative Technologist
    The role of Creative Technologist bridges the gap between creative and technical departments, uniting the visual aesthetic with what is technically viable. Besides having the necessary technical skills, you are the one who looks beyond the boundaries of current knowledge in order to come up with new creative possibilities.

One of the advantages of having a degree in Innovation, is that you get the chance to design your own career path. You will have what it takes to adapt to the ever-changing world of business. The jobs listed above exist in every sector, so the world is your playground! 

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Interested in continuing your studies?

Upon completion of the Business Innovation programme, you will obtain a Bachelor of Arts degree. This degree enables you to apply for (pre-)master programmes related to business. In the Netherlands, this could be one of the following:

  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation – University of Amsterdam
  • Management of Innovation – Erasmus Rotterdam
  • Global Business and Sustainability – Erasmus Rotterdam
  • Sustainable Business and Innovation – Utrecht University
  • Innovation Management – Eindhoven University of Technology
  • Strategic Innovation Management – University of Groningen


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