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Creative student teams from Inholland The Hague and Diemen contributed to the large-scale 2016 TEDxBinnenhof event in The Hague's Ridderzaal. They organised parallel viewing parties and a competition at Inholland The Hague and Diemen, laying the groundwork for further collaboration between our University of Applied Sciences and the world-famous TEDx organisation.

 The Netherlands currently holds the EU Presidency. In keeping with our country's temporary role, the TEDxBinnenhof event on 31 March was themed ‘Ideas from Europe’. Twelve European speakers presented their inspiring solutions to global problems in The Hague's Ridderzaal hall. This academic year saw Inholland's Creative Business Faculty collaborate with TEDxBinnenhof. Students from Inholland The Hague's English-language Media and Entertainment Management (IMEM) programme and students from Inholland Diemen's Business Innovation created videos and organised events.

Mission: sharing knowledge and inspiration

Lucie Felix is an IMEM student at Inholland The Hague, where she was jointly responsible for organising the TEDxBinnenhof Viewing Party. The main event in the Ridderzaal was streamed live to the auditorium, and audience members enjoyed talks from a range of inspiring speakers, who worked in fields like gaming, social media and business. Students had an opportunity to network with businesses offering interesting work placement opportunities. The day was all about sharing and discussing ideas, in line with the TEDx philosophy. Lucie: 'Inholland and TEDx basically have the same mission: encouraging people to share their knowledge and inspiration, be enterprising and follow their dreams. That is the basis for this collaboration.'

Passions on camera

The winners of the Inholland X-Talks were announced during the viewing parties on 31 March. Earlier that month, the participating students could be found outside our locations in Diemen and The Hague with two rented Volkswagen vans. They persuaded MEM, IMEM and Business Innovation students to describe their passion for the industries in which they will be working on camera. Lecturers had an opportunity to share their passion for education. The videos are available on the X Talks Facebook page. The speaker to get the most likes received the Social Media Guru award.

First-year Business Innovation-student Redouane Amine was involved in organising the X-Talk and viewing party in Diemen, along with several of her fellow students. 'The more opportunities people have to share their inspiration and motivations, the more they can contribute to their environment. We offer them the stage they need to do so. Videos play a crucial role in that process: they are the most effective way of reaching people nowadays.'

A microphone for others

IMEM student Baris Artinöz describes how almost thirty people shared their individual passions while filming the X-Talks in The Hague. One particular X-Talk really stuck with him: 'The participating students had each brought an object that represented them. One student was holding a photo of a microphone. I expected her to start singing, but as she explained to the camera, she wants to be an instrument that amplifies other people's voices. I was really touched by her passion. I realise we are doing the same thing by organising this project. Our team also serves as a microphone for students and lecturers who are eager to share their passions and life stories. We really appreciate this opportunity to help them find their voice.'

Both parties were extremely pleased with the collaboration: Inholland and TEDx have agreed to organise another joint event next year. Our thanks go out the the enthusiastic students who helped make TEDxBinnenhof 2016 such a success!


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