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You see opportunities by looking at things differently. 

Bachelor in Creative Business

Who is it for?

Do you have a unique perspective on things? Do you come up with original ideas for successful events? Or do you get really inspired by a great campaign? At Creative Business, you get the space you need to develop your ideas into smart concepts that create added value for both organisations and broader society. You prefer to learn by doing. You enjoy taking the initiative and working with others to resolve challenges facing real-world organisations. You can take criticism, aren't afraid to make mistakes, hold yourself and others to a high standard and have the necessary drive and self-regulation to optimise your potential and make the most of this four-year programme. In the process, you learn to combine your creativity and commercial instincts.

Creative Business courses

Learning is a verb. Learning is all about being active. Doing, creating and co-creating: working with others to resolve problems that didn't exist yesterday. Your learning process mirrors the actual day-to-day practice in the creative industry and other sectors. You work together with others in an international and highly diverse environment to create innovative solutions. Discover more about the Creative Business courses, internships and the programme structure below.

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What will you learn?

What will you be when you graduate? That’s hard to predict. One reason is that we might be training you for a job that doesn’t yet exist since the world is changing at such a rapid pace. What you need are the right skills to be a creative business leader: skills that enable you to adapt to rapid developments and see new opportunities.

In the Creative Business programme, you make these future skills your own. You learn to take initiative, conduct research, think creatively and collaborate with others. You also expand your knowledge about the commercial and creative sides of the business world to develop creative concepts that generate added value for creative, social and commercial organisations. While you’re tackling real-life challenges from the professional field, you also work on your personal development. You learn to have courage and an open mind, to be inquisitive, to have a world-encompassing perspective and to have a continual drive to learn and develop: precisely the qualities you will need as a professional.

How will you learn?

From day one, you tackle real-life challenges put forward by a wide range of organisations. This is a new approach to education in which you learn to think creatively in different settings and often collaborate with international clients. In other words, you are learning by doing: designing, testing, experimenting with and immersing yourself in solutions, because you want to find out what works. You operate within multiple networks, just as you would in the corporate world. Collaborate with fellow students, coaches, experts and clients. You attend training courses, workshops and masterclasses as you move from project to project. Create solutions that are new and surprising to everyone. In the process, the coaches, experts and clients you work with will actually learn from you.

You are given plenty of scope to work on your own development. Our personal supervision is based around your unique talents and challenges. This means instead of completing a standard set of courses, you build your own personal portfolio.

Year 1

First-year Creative Business curriculum 

The first year gives you a good impression of the programme and the type of work it prepares you to do, since you immediately kick things off by tackling a challenge faced by a real-life client. You also cover all subjects you'll be working on over the next four years. The year is divided into four modules, each of which is aimed at developing different skills:


Peter explains Module 1: Smart Concepts


Peter explains Module 2: Behind the Scenes


Year 2

Second year

The second year provides a more in-depth view into the International Creative Business Industry. You develop your understanding of the broad scope the creative industry has and have a clearer idea of the direction you would like to specialise into. You study modules such as Personal Development, where you will look closely at your progress as a young creative professional. International Boardroom and Creative Agency, will also be part of the second year. Creative agency is a real life learning company, which will put you face to face with real (inter)national creative business clients and challenge you to develop solutions for any needs they might have.

Peter explains Creative Agency

Year 3

Third year

The issues will now be more complex, and you and your group will work increasingly independently. You will gradually discover where your interests and talents lie. This is great, since it will allow you to tackle the challenges that appeal to you the most. In the third year you’ll get to choose from various elective modules, with topics ranging from film and events to international music management. This is also when you’ll have the chance to go on an adventure abroad. Our students complete work placements in countries throughout Europe as well as in Australia, China and the United States. You’ll do your Creative Business work placement at the end of the third year. Possible locations include media companies, music venues, municipalities and event organisers.

Peter explains Internships: How does it work?


Discover the film studios at Inholland Haarlem and Inholland The Hague

Year 4

Graduation phase

You will finish your degree programme in style. That’s because the details of your graduation project are mostly up to you. Do you want to develop and pitch your own project? Or would you prefer to work on a specific design or recommendation? The project is your chance to show what you can do as a creative business leader of tomorrow.

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Study coaching

Here at Creative Business, we know each other by name and learn from one another. We make up an energetic, multifaceted and committed network. We offer everyone the space they need to be themselves. As an Inholland student, you have every opportunity to discover the business sector, creative industry and – most importantly – yourself. There is no 'one size fits all' Creative Business programme: you get to choose your own path. With the help of your personal coach, we provide you with support and encouragement. Our personalised approach is based around your unique talents and challenges. Together, you and your coach ensure that you are in full control of your learning path. You discuss your development and set new learning objectives. If you have specific learning challenges, Inholland University of Applied Sciences has student counsellors who are happy to help.

Global Creative Business internships and study abroad

We encourage you to push your boundaries. In some cases, you'll literally cross borders: the businesses and issues you deal with are often international. You can also study our entire programme in English. Participate in a study exchange with our international education partners both inside and outside Europe, such as Solent University in Southampton, Hochschule der Medien in Stuttgart and Innlandet University in Lillehammer, or complete a work placement in Australia, China or the United States. You won’t be alone in this adventure, of course: you have plenty of support from Inholland. The credits you earn will count towards your degree when you return to the Netherlands. And your experiences? Those will stay with you for life.


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