We know that finding the right accommodation is very important for our students. Choosing a place to live that suits your needs and budget can be a challenge.  It is your own responsibility to find accommodation before your arrival.  Inholland advises all students to start searching for accommodation at least four months prior to arrival by checking our offers and recommendations on our website. 

Universities in the Netherlands do not own student accommodation. Inholland reserves a number of rooms with housing providers for first-year international and exchange students. As Inholland is not a campus university, we do not offer on-campus accommodation.

Some Inholland locations offer a limited number of rooms for international and exchange students. These rooms are off-campus and are allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis. Please note that there are not enough reserved rooms for all incoming international and exchange students. 

Most first-year students will have to look for accommodation independently. Therefore, do not limit your options and also look for accommodation on the private market. Each Inholland location provides a list with recommendations on their web page.

Please note: Inholland does not search for or mediate between the students and the providers of private accommodation. Please be aware of scammers. Some tips: never send a copy of your ID, do not make a deposit/pay rent before you have the key of the room. You can also check if the agency is listed on the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (in Dutch, but simply enter the company name in the search bar to look for listings).

Please do not underestimate the challenge of finding accommodation in the Netherlands. We strongly advise you to start looking for accommodation four months before your arrival.


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