‘3D printing – from hobby till Joeri’s startup!’

Start Up Campus Haarlem in conversation with Joeri Verheul

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Joeri Verheul (22) Aeronautical engineering student, started his 3D printing service with J-St3ps and now has a paid hobby.

A fresh perspective on technical possibilities
"As a young professional, I am mainly taking steps to grow myself. Not only when it comes to entrepreneurship but also in daily life. I am learning to take responsibility for arriving on time, keeping appointments, and treating people with respect. That is part of professional behavior as far as I am concerned. If I close a deal with clients, they expect the same from me. I bring clients a fresh perspective on technical possibilities. Although I have a lot of knowledge of how 3D printing 'used to be', now I am really on the cutting edge of 3D printing. Thus, I combine 'old' techniques with the latest innovations. I think it is great that I can be a bridge in that.

Word of mouth versus social media
"I got involved in 3D printing in 2019 and then recently started as an entrepreneur. I work for companies that, for example, need parts to optimize their production process. Think of start-ups that don't yet have the money to invest in 3D equipment but need these innovative solutions. They have come to the right place.

I prefer to work in co-creation with companies. I think along with the customer, and I am sure of the quality of my product. My standard is above expectations with that personal approach. I now work mainly in Delft and deliver my products myself by bicycle. I like to see the face of the customer I work with. That appeals to people. I am active on Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube, but I notice most customers come to me by word of mouth”.

Inspire people with my latest techniques
"I love making things but was never very good with my hands. However, I was good at drawing online/3D drawing. 3D printing is the fastest way to go from an idea to a tangible product. It was right up my alley.

In my third year of study, I did an internship at NLR. There I worked for six months in a very professional 3D printing environment. Based on that knowledge, I am building and expanding my setting. Besides delivering a product, I also like to share knowledge. I help companies realize how valuable 3D printing can be. Some have heard of it but think it doesn't apply to them. I like to prove them wrong!

I regularly attend trade shows to stay up to date with the latest developments. For example, I went to a trade show with a client in Paris. I was there as a visitor. But recently (May 13/14), I was at the Maker Faire in Delft with my stand. With my own stuff! I found that exciting but also fun. I want to inspire people with my latest techniques."

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There is always a solution
"From February 2023, I am participating in SUCH's Start program. They give me the awareness component. I do many things that I don't have the right words for. Working on my business model and diving deeper into entrepreneurship added a lot of value.

The environment in which you learn is crucial. The nice thing about SUCH is that you all receive the same thing, but everyone adapts it to fit their business. Then you get to see the material applied in a particular way, which makes you learn even more. Everyone who joins the program wants to be there. That gives extra motivation.

I recommend it to everyone: just start and dabble. That is what I did, and it's working so far. Take that step, it will go wrong sometime, but there is always a solution if you communicate well.

Would you also like to have something 3D printed, or are you curious about a workshop by Joeri? Contact him on Instagram or LinkedIn."

About SUCH:

Start Up Campus Haarlem is the place for entrepreneurial students of Inholland University of Applied Sciences. Through an inspiring five-month program of events and workshops, you work on entrepreneurial skills, and your network grows at lightning speed. Entrepreneurship begins at Start Up Campus Haarlem! Want to know when the next Start or Growth program starts? Check out our Instagram or website..

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