Den Haag,

Additional corona measures - Impact of curfew on education


A final decision of the cabinet has been made, a nighttime curfew will be imposed from Saturday 23 January until Wednesday 10 February 4:30 am. This means everyone ought to stay inside between 9 pm and 4:30 am. Fortunately an exception is made for exams.

You are only permitted to travel home after 9 pm when carrying an ‘individual curfew statement’ ánd documentary evidence of your exam. We provide you with this statement after you finish the exam. You can show the documentary evidence of your exam via ‘MyInholland’-app or via the confirmation mail of your exam.

Study at home
Under the current measures we offer almost entirely online education at least until 7 February. An exception is still only made for practical classes and scheduled exams that take place on location during daytime. The commute to and from our buildings are deemed as necessary travel and are therefore permitted. We would like to emphasize once more: study at home. If you really cannot study at home, you are allowed to study at the university from 10 am until 4 pm. Do this alone. Opening hours may change due to scheduled exams and practical classes.

Regarding internships, the same rules apply as to the sector or branch in which your internship takes place. If the activities of the sector continue, the internship can also continue. In case of a necessary travel during the evening due to your internship, a ‘individual curfew statement’ ánd a employer’s statement of your internship is required.

Are you worried? Talk to someone about this!
Studying during these times is a challenge. Are you worried about your studies? Or are you afraid you have fallen behind due to corona or to other circumstances? Or are looking for help due to whatever reason? Don’t keep it to yourself and get in touch with your study programme, study counsellor, coach, a dean or a student buddy of the Student Success Centre.

Hang in there! Take care of yourself and look after each other.

You can find more information about corona measures via Knowledge Base on Iris.