Corona measures relaxed: Universities are opening up

mondkapje afdoen

With the start of the new academic year and the relaxation of some Corona measures, it is good to see you all again at campus. We see that education at our campus locations is starting to go back to normal.

The press conference from yesterday brought us more good news: as of the 25th of September there are no more restrictions for higher education. That means: no more distance of 1,5 meter and no more wearing face masks in our buildings. Also, we no longer have to consider the rule of being together in groups of less than 75 people.

For staff members the advice to work from home will be slightly adjusted: work at home if possible. If necessary for your work, you will come to the university of applied sciences. Discuss with your team and your manager what’s the best way do this.


Even though it is not mandatory to do so, we are still advising you to regularly do a self-test, when coming to the buildings. In the case of a positive self-test, we would like to ask you to stay at home and make an appointment for a PCR test. Doing a self-test is also wise even if you have been vaccinated. Note: If you have symptoms, stay at home and make an appointment for a PCR test at the GGD.

Furthermore we hope you are considering getting vaccinated. To contain the spreading of the virus it is important that as many people as possible are vaccinated. If you have any questions on how to obtain a vaccine in the Netherlands, please consult the information from the Dutch government.

It can be a little bit exciting to go back to campus and meet your fellow students and teachers. If you have concerns, or feel anxious about this, be open about it and talk to your mentors, fellow students, your team or manager.

We wish you a very good academic year!

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