The Hague,

Corona measures: your studies from September onwards


As this extraordinary academic year is coming to an end we would like to tell you how education will look like from September onwards.

Basic scenario: letting go of the 1.5 metres distance rule
With regards to on campus education from September onwards, we adhere to the scenario strategies imposed by the Ministry of Education, just like other universities (of applied sciences) do in the Netherlands. This is illustrated in the so-called basic scenario: meaning that you’ll be able to attend educational activities on campus every day and that you do not need to keep the 1.5 metres distance anymore. However it is still mandatory to wear a face mask when ‘moving around’ outside the lecture halls and classrooms. 

On campus and online education
Last year taught us the number of possibilities for online education. Not all classes need to necessarily take place on campus. We are considering which classes should be offered on campus and which ones remain online. It is paramount that we continue to meet each other and that we can provide you with decent education.

Fall back scenario

We are reasoning from the positive but in case of potential new local cases of the corona virus or in case of increased transmission figures we revert to a ‘fall back scenario’. This would be mean we are going back to full or partially online education.

Until summer: stay safe!

Meanwhile it stays important to attend on campus education in a safe way as much as possible until summertime. There’s a small relaxation: you are allowed to make use of the individual study spots at our locations. The familiar rules remain the same.

We know it’s not mandatory but we’d appreciate if you carry out a self-test before visiting the school.