Sustainable Media Lab's Digital Rights Expo Takes Center Stage at The Hague City Hall

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The Hague, August 30, 2023 – The Sustainable Media Lab at Inholland University is bringing attention to the crucial topic of digital rights right in the heart of The Hague. The Digital Rights Expo, led by three student project groups, sheds light on the importance of safeguarding citizens' digital rights, particularly within The Hague's Morgenstond neighborhood.

Last semester, students dug into the impact of digital rights on the lives of Morgenstond residents through conversations and engagement. Building on these insights, the three student groups have created prototypes that each showcase a different aspect of digital rights. In collaboration with Digital Rights House, this initiative aims to increase awareness and open discussions about this important issue.

Event Details

Date: September 11th - 22nd
Location: The Hague City Hall, Atrium Spui
Admission: Free

For more details, read the full article about the Digital Rights Expo in The Hague city newspaper at Newspaper Link. If you can't make it to the exhibition in person, you can explore the digital version of the exhibition here: Digital Exhibition Link.

Susannah Montgomery, Deputy Director of the Sustainable Media Lab, explains the students' approach: "Our students come from different creative backgrounds within our institution. We challenged them to use their creativity to find playful, participatory, and portable ways to get every day citizens thinking about what a responsible digital society means. Their exhibits, from funny comics to touching true stories, thoughtfully explore how technology in our digital age affects the quality of peoples’ lives."

The Digital Rights Expo demonstrates the power of innovation and teamwork in sparking conversations about the significant impact of digital rights on our lives today. Ready to join the conversation? Stop by for an informal Q&A about the exhibition, featuring current and past students along with our partners at The Hague City Hall on Monday, September 18th, from 15:30 to 16:30.

This project is part of the larger Inholland Digital Rights Research initiative, co-founded by Professors Wina Smeenk, Ander de Keijzer, and Ben Wagner. To learn more about their research, visit Research Link.