'I do think this is the new way to go'

Innovating concepts, ambitious students and lots of networking

Visitors from over the whole world were present at Inholland Rotterdam and Delft for the Campus Experience – a part of the EAIE conference. Teachers, coordinators and advisors from Mexico, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Chili, Canada, Pakistan, Spain, Hungary, Belgium and many more countries made their way to the Netherlands to get a glimpse of what Inholland offers their students.

This day is all about the students. During the morning session, four of our students share the ins and outs about their studies. In the afternoon, the audience is captivated as yet more students present the Living labs.

The day starts off with Bart Combee, Chairman of the Board and Nahied Rezwani, Director of the faculty Business, Finance and Law addressing the visitors. “Internationalization fits in with our vision because our students will go on to work in international situations”, he says.

Researcher and lecturer Linda Snippe gives the audience a little taster of our practice-based research strategy. Dina, who has almost finished her studies at the conservatory, performs a calming jazzy song on the piano. Student Bart takes a short break from shooting these photos to show his already famous pictures, which were published in different international papers.

Klara gives the audience some insights in the workings of the Student Buddy Program for exchange students; a way to ensure every student always has someone to rely on during their time abroad.

Communications student Renske shares about working on projects with students from different studies and locations using our portfolio-based study method. “I’m learning by doing. Not by reading a book, making it through an exam and then… poof - everything I’ve learned is gone. We put what we learn into our portfolio, so it’s not about the grades.”

Tasha Welch from the Royal Roads University in Canada is inspired by the Renske’s story. “Working with portfolios is very innovative, and it is similar to how we work at our university in Canada. We are also looking for more innovative ways of education. This week gives us the opportunity to find out what different universities have in common, so that they can collaborate for future projects.”

After a tour of the building, it is time to lift off to Delft or to go visit a Living Lab at Zuidplein.

Living labs, the new way to go
At Zuidplein Rotterdam awaits a Living lab market with 7 Living Lab topics. From Sustainable Fashion to Sustainable Tourism. Visitors are invited to talk to the students and lecturers to get an idea of how a Living lab works.

Asad Ullah Sheikh from Pakistan visits to almost all the Living labs. “I think it is extremely valuable that the students are involved today, because they are our main stakeholders. I find the interaction between the industry and the students interesting, that’s a bridge I want to build.”

At the Living lab Lombardijen, student Gianni Staal together with his fellow student give a presentation about how they intend to solve social problems in this district. The crime rate is high, and poverty is prevalent. “In this Living lab, we work together with the government of the city Rotterdam. We do research on topics that are relevant for this district and share our recommendations with the bodies and institutions that are responsible for this neighborhood”, explains Gianni.

A visitor from Spain asks how the students they will implement all they’ve learned in this Living lab later in their careers. Gianni: “Well, I found a job as a ‘Leefbaarheidsregisseur’ (livability director) because of this Living Lab, so I am actually going to work in this district to help people with these issues.”

Javier Gil Rojo from Spain and Nadine Hachimann from Germany discuss the Living labs. Nadine Hachimann: “I think Living labs are very innovative concepts. It’s unique and it really fosters flexible thinking. However, I do think the maybe students might need more guidance.” Javier Gil Rojo: “But tmaybe that is only our point of view. I do think this is the new way to go.”

Photographer: Bart Stoutjesdijk, student Creative Business at Inholland

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