Looking back on the first lively co-creation session ‘Why internationalisation?’

"So many of us understand the importance of internationalisation!", said a participant at the first co-creation session, ‘Why internationalisation?’. And there were certainly a lot of us! Almost 50 staff and students from various staff departments and domains shared their perspectives on internationalisation. Ideas bubbled up, and striking images were formed. It was a collective and inspiring session that will form the basis for the next co-creation session on 12 October.

Participants as co-creators
The co-creators went on a journey together through the world of internationalisation. They defined this world in both words and images. Among other things by means of images of people connected to each other and young children from diverse backgrounds. Words that came to mind among the participants included a ‘rich and diverse learning environment’ and the ‘global professional’.

During their journey, the co-creators also used the Inholland professional's ‘praatplaat’, which they enhanced from an internationalisation perspective. All the input from the co-creators was then brought together in a common definition of internationalisation.

The diversity of the participants makes these sessions very valuable. From foreign students to staff members, everyone has their own view of internationalisation.
Pieter Pot, manager in the Faculty of Agri, Food & Life Science

"It can help people find where they belong and find which environment helps them shine."
Larisa Dima, Creative Business student

By thinking about internationalisation together, making well-considered choices and then really going for it, we can put internationalisation on the map more effectively within Inholland.
Koos Zwaan, from the Creative Business research group, the International Music Industry Lab and the Business Innovation programme

Upcoming co-creation sessions
All the insights gained on this first journey will be taken into the next two co-creation sessions. In these sessions, we will continue to develop the vision of internationalisation together. The following sessions are scheduled:

Session 2: Movement
Tuesday, 12 October from 09.00 to 13.00

This session will focus on the following: What are we working towards when it comes to internationalisation? What is our dot on the horizon? And to get there, which movement do we need to make?

Session 3: Output
Thursday, 4 November from 13.00 to 16.00

In this last session, we will work towards what we need to get internationalisation started, make it feasible and take action?

If you want to know more, please email whyinternationalisation@inholland.nl.

The Why internalisation project team: Danielle Leentjens (Domein Techniek Ontwerpen en Informatica), Kathelijn Rijkels (Onderwijsbeleid en Juridische Zaken), Nynke Moens (Domein Creative Business), Francis Lagendijk (Centrale Studenten Administratie), Brigitte Spa (Centrale Studenten Administratie), Jannerieke Hommenga (Domein Creative Business) en Veerle Desmedt (Communicatie & Human Resources).

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