‘Not following the crowd sped up my professional life’

Start Up Campus Haarlem in conversation with Eszter Jámbor

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Eszter Jámbor (22) is an International Creative Business student and moved to Haarlem from Hungary in 2018. She started her own business as freelance photographer in the music industry.

Bringing new ideas to the table
“I am a go-getter. Since I moved here and figured my goals out, I am trying as much as possible to reach them. My strength? I bring creativity and new ideas to the table. I like to do/learn something new/different every day. Following the crowd is not my thing, and I never really fit in. But lately I realized that this benefits me. Honestly it sped up my professional life - I had the time and mental clarity to figure out how to move forward and act on it.

I work as a freelancer photographer with events and artists in the music industry. My clients are event organizers and electronic music producers/DJs. Originally photography was a hobby since I was 14 but I worked as a waitress and I kind of liked the job (talking to many different people, learning about food/drinks, listening to music all day), but the pandemic messed things up. I found myself working in a supermarket and I really didn’t like that job. I was in survival mode but I came to a conclusion that if I don’t like my job it affects all the other areas of my life and it becomes miserable. I made the decision to start freelancing thanks to this experience and a talk with a good friend of mine who is a freelancer as well. Ironically, I had no clients at this point, but I thought I’ll figure it out when I have the pressure on me.”

Last semester I joined the Growth program at Start Up Campus Haarlem. It helped so much!

Fix-it mindset
“I come from the countryside of Hungary. My parents are really hardworking, and they taught me ‘you have to work hard, to get somewhere in life’. That affected me a lot. I don’t think they took me seriously when I told them I want to be a photographer, but they never told me not to go for it. Family is first for me and it was when I moved away that I realized how amazing my parents’ mentality is.  We are not victims. We just do everything we can for what we want and when it still doesn’t work out, it’s not meant to. When something goes left, not blaming anyone but focusing on the solution. Fix-it mindset over victim mindset. I like asking my dad and brother about negotiating and business communication and my mother about legal/financial stuff. They are my leading example and they help a lot.”

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Scrolling on Instagram and I see the event organizers use my images/videos
“The events/music industry is a big system. We (creators/producers/organizers/venues) all want to give people a good experience during a night out. We all rely on each other. I personally like helping musicians with their personal branding as well. My goal is to help people and events getting the exposure they need. It’s not enough to be good at our craft, we must show people what we do.

I think flexibility is key, and I seek feedback from clients and actively extend my services to fit their needs. What makes me ultimately happy is when I hear ‘Oh my god Eszter, you make me look so good’ or when I scroll on Instagram and I see the event organizers use my images/videos.

The most important thing is that clients are satisfied with my service. Having their vision realized in a form of photo or video is success. Event organizers find me more often, they see my work or hear about me from other organizers. That’s the best marketing. Word of mouth. It’s also about energy. The best thing about a creative field is that you attract people who have similar mindset and the other way around. I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to pursue this path and keep dreaming bigger and bigger.”

Happiness on the long term
“Last semester I joined the Growth program at Start Up Campus Haarlem. It helped so much!

Firstly, I feel connected to likeminded people who are going through the same path (in different fields) and sharing our struggles/success is very valuable. I’m also grateful for all the advice we got on networking in general.

Secondly, I learned to take feedback objectively and not personally.

If you are a student and consider starting your own business, I would say: find out why your idea makes you happy. Is it just the money that could come with it or something else? If it’s something else, does it bring you happiness on the long term? You must know where your values lie. Chase after happiness instead of money. That’s my best advice.”


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