Studying during corona: do it together

Students miss the social aspects and structure of the university. They have a need for contact and find it difficult to remain motivated. Studying from home requires a great deal of energy and self-discipline. Students tend to be distracted more quickly at home and find it more difficult to concentrate. This is borne out by the preliminary results of a long-term qualitative study being carried out by the Inholland research lines Study Success and Diversity Issues on students and how they are experiencing (online) higher education.

The study examines issues concerning social and academic ties, motivation and student well-being. The preliminary results seem to confirm the assumption that studying together has a motivating effect. In addition to inquiring about experiences, we also requested tips on how to increase student well-being and student involvement.

In the infographic below, we share the first results of the last study, together with the tips given by students to improve teaching and increase student involvement and well-being. If you have any other tips, these can be shared by writing to studiesucces@inholland.nl.

To open the PDF, click on the illustration.