'The entrepreneurial mindset brings me great things'

Start Up Campus Haarlem in conversation with Dylan Remeeus

Dylan Remeeus

Dylan Remeeus (20), a second-year Creative Business student in Rotterdam, is a DJ and producer under the name Danley. Ever since he was 12, he wanted to perform and make music. 

Putting myself out there 
"I am entrepreneurial and sociable. I like being social, and I like to chat. I definitely had to work on my entrepreneurial side. It's exciting, after all. In my first year of college, I had to look for an internship, and I thought, 'fuck it. I will just send some emails and see what happens.' That entrepreneurial mindset brings me great things. Putting myself out there turned into a strength instead of fear." 

Doing more and thinking less 
“Working in a diverse environment is something I enjoy. You can also see that diversity in my group of friends. We all have distinct talents. For example, I know something about marketing, and I have a business. And in a group, I like to keep the peace. I could be more assertive. I also notice that in client contact. I could stand up for my price more and say ''this is what I am worth!''. ”

"Entrepreneurship often involves uncertainties. You want to do everything right the first time. But doing business is simply a matter of doing more and thinking less. And by nature, I am more of a thinker. My sister is the opposite, and I get inspired by her." 

Fascinating nightlife 
“I started as a DJ and Producer under the name Danley. It's a brand I want to build as an artist, release my own House & Tech House music, make mashups and remixes, and post online mixtapes. And, of course, I also perform as an artist. Then, I post these on my own YouTube and Soundcloud channel. ”

“The nightlife is so fascinating. I think it has to do with cultural diversity. The house scene is very nice. Ever since I was twelve, I've been saying I want to be a DJ. My parents have always supported me in this. They often drove me to gigs, and most of the time, they would help with setting up and dismantling my setup. I am very lucky with that, and I am immensely grateful to them.”

Dylan Remeeus 2

Playing in Cherso 
"Look, in essence, going out is: going somewhere with your friends and forgetting about everything for a while, having fun and enjoying yourself. I like that. If my company can contribute to that, I think it's awesome! 
When I play, I have fun and feel my passion coming out. I also show that on stage. The audience loosens up when they see me enjoying myself. And that gives me energy.'' 

“When I'm working with people, I don't talk much about my business. My work philosophy is that people like it when someone listens to them. Surely that comes from my social nature, and I see that it works.” 

"Last summer, I was with friends in Chersonissos in Crete, and a friend of mine is an organizer. He said to me, “when we get there, I'll arrange for you to play somewhere. And yes, there I was later, playing in Cherso!” 

"You have to be able to offer added value to a booker. You don't just come to play. No, your followers count, and your reach is also relevant. I currently have close to 1,000 on Instagram and am always offering to post or share stories. It's weird, yet also so logical these days." 

There's always something to get out of it 
"As of September 2022, I have been following SUCH's Growth Programme for five months. It has helped me tremendously to analyze my brand. Before, I didn't know that if you have a business, you also have a brand. That makes you think differently about it. 

How can you shift your mindset so that you start seeing growth? The Growth Hacking workshop teaches you that. It's very interesting! All in all, you learn a lot in a short time, and in the process, you build a great network, something that will be very useful to me in the future.

Dylan Remeeus 3

I read about SUCH's Growth Program through Iris. I sat in class and read 'entrepreneurship while you study. Free. Five months. Once a month to Haarlem'. Then I thought, ''fine to do. I'll go for it.'' And SUCH truly listens to the participants, too. They offer exactly what you need. 

To students who want to be entrepreneurs, I would say: Do it! If you work on your plans and something great emerges, you keep going. If you find that entrepreneurship is not for you, you learn a great lesson about yourself. And so there's always something to get out of it." 

About SUCH: 
Start Up Campus Haarlem is the place for entrepreneurial students at Inholland University of Applied Sciences. Through an inspiring five-month programme of events and workshops, you work on entrepreneurial skills, and your network grows at lightning speed. Entrepreneurship begins at Start Up Campus Haarlem! Want to know when the next Start or Growth programme starts? Check our Instagram or website.

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