The "imagination" of the faculty plan Creative Business 2023

Give direction and keep focus...

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Only two months ago we met at the faculty conference in the DeLaMar theater and together we looked for creative solutions for the world of tomorrow.

Of course, that day was not an isolated one. The program was build on our previous faculty vision Creative Future and on the starting points described in the Strategic Plan of Inholland University of Applied Sciences and of course in our brand new  Faculty Plan Creative Business 2023!

Together we interpreted the text from these documents in all sorts of ways. And together we also searched for images, just like we did in our Faculty Plan….

At the end of the day, all those images together resulted in a image board  (English version) that can help us with the further elaboration of our plans. This elaboration naturally takes place within your own study program, but also in the collaboration between study programs, partly facilitated by the staff units of our faculty. And also in the collaboration with programs from other faculties within  Inholland.

Soon you will receive an invitation to help building and of course you will hear more about the next steps. Do you already want to know more? Please do not hesitate to contact me or your manager!

Bas van Spréw, on behalf of the Creative Business Faculty Management Team

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