The Hague,

Urgent advice to wear a face mask in public areas of Inholland


From tomorrow onwards, Thursday 1 October, we strongly advise colleagues and students to wear a face mask in all of our buildings. This follows as an additional note to our statement of yesterday regarding tightened corona measures.

We adhere to the guidelines imposed in three big urban regions and in doing so, we consistently join and follow the developments of university of applied sciences in all cities where Inholland locations are established.

We take the advice regarding face masks very seriously and consider this as an important step to maintain a safe and comfortable environment with each other and to reduce transmission of the coronavirus.

This advice applies to all public areas inside the building, such as the hall, the corridors and the cafeterias of Inholland. The situation for practical education classes where wearing a face mask was already mandatory remains the same. In class rooms, offices and conference rooms you can wear a face mask if you want but it is not mandatory; the urgent advice does not apply here.

This is of course only an advice but we strongly recommend you to follow this guideline besides the current corona guidelines that are already in place. Kindly help, remind and address each other of those guidelines.

For more information, head to Knowledge Base Iris.