Law, Ethics, Philosophy and Sociology in an international context

Curriculum Law, Ethics, Philosophy and Sociology

This module, which is one of the building blocks leading to a degree in MSc Radiation Oncology, will cover the knowledge and skills needed understand the influence of ethics, law, philosophy and sociology on our healthcare system in a broader European context. The module lasts 6 months and consists of 7 meetings (in Haarlem), self-study and assignments. Most meetings lasts 2-4 hours and there is also one 2-day meeting. In order to finalize this module you will write a research article in English. In the article you report the results of a comparative research you have conducted.

Topics in this course are:

  • Historical context of philosophy and sociology
  • Law and ethics in health care
  • Philosophy of research programs
  • Ethical aspects, law and regulations in research programs
  • Organisation sociology
  • Academical writing

Organizers and teachers

The module director is Hélène Jacobs. The teaching faculty consists of experts in law, ethics, philosophy and sociology.

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