Proton Therapy - The Fundamentals (hybrid setup)

Curriculum Proton Therapy - The Fundamentals

The course Proton Therapy - The Fundamentals covers the main concepts of proton therapy and ensures that at the end of the course a participant can compare a photon plan against a proton plan and discuss the pros and cons from different perspectives.||

After completing the fundamentals module, you can opt to proceed with the Proton Treatment Planning to acquire the fundamental skills in proton planning. Depending on your experience, you can choose from the following modules:

  1. Proton Therapy Treatment Planning
  2. Advanced Proton Therapy Treatment Planning

Curriculum Proton Therapy - The Fundamentals course

The Proton Therapy - The Fundamentals course will cover 8 hybrid/online meetings. In every meeting a different theme is interactively discussed around proton characteristics. The different sessions will cover the basic physical and radiobiological aspects of proton beams, technical and uncertainty characteristics, patient selection and medical aspects, IGPT and basic treatment planning comparisons between photon and proton plans.

Before each session the participants prepare different tasks before the meeting. During the online/hybrid group sessions, participants present the results of the tasks and interactively discuss with other participants, the moderator and with clinical experts. The course is offered in a hybrid way, meaning that the meetings can attended physical and online via Microsoft Teams. We encourage the Dutch participants to attend as much as possible the meetings physical.

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