VMAT Treatment Planning (hybrid module)

Testimonial participant Ebison Chinherende


"The course provided me with profound knowledge and skills in the field of state of the art Radiotherapy Treatment planning"

"In July 2016 I enrolled in The InHolland Academy VMAT Treatment planning online course. I successfully completed the course in February 2017. The course provided me with profound knowledge and skills in the field of state of the art Radiotherapy Treatment planning. The support available from course directors, in the form of feedback and resources, makes the course interesting and worth exploring. The most interesting part of this course is you are taught to optimize VMAT plans not only on your primary planning systems but other planning systems as well, through the Hands-On VMAT treatment planning module. My primary planning system is Monaco but through this course I managed and I am now comfortable to produce VMAT plans on other radiotherapy planning systems that include RayStation, Eclipse, and Pinnacle.

The Hands-on VMAT Treatment planning Certificate in addition to other CPD activities I completed made it possible for me to be approved to sit for an MDCB Exam in February 2017. I was the only international candidate accepted to sit for the MDCB exam. The knowledge (in particular the lectures and the lecture notes that were provided during the course) and skills I gained from the VMAT Treatment Planning course contributed significantly to my successfully passing the MDCB Exam on the first attempt. I am now a proud Certified Medical Dosimetrist (CMD) thanks to VMAT Treatment planning course of Inholland University. 

My professional background in the field radiation oncology dates to 2009 when I attained an undergraduate degree in Radiation Therapy at the University of Zimbabwe. Thereafter I worked as a radiation therapist in Zimbabwe, the Bahamas and presently, on the Island of Antigua, at The Cancer Centre Eastern Caribbean. I am full CMD member of the American Association of Medical Dosimetrist (AAMD). In November 2017 I will be graduating with an MSc in Radiotherapy and Oncology from Sheffield Hallam University (UK). In addition, I am enrolled in an MBA Programme at the University of South Wales, in the United Kingdom. Tentative completion date is September 2019."

Ebison Chinherende

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