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Media, Technology & Society
Research Group
Media, Cultuur & Burgerschap
February 2021 until January 2024
Diemen, Den Haag, Haarlem
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Natalia Berger

The goal of MediaNumeric

MediaNumeric is an Erasmus+ funded program to develop teaching tools for multimedia data-driven journalism and media production. Although we live in a datafied society, creative professionals are too often unaware of how they can use data and how it will make their work stronger.

"MediaNumeric, alliance on multimedia data-driven journalism and media production."

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How do we conduct this research?

Inholland is a research and training partner in this project. In concrete terms, we just completed a needs analysis: what should we offer in our curricula according to experts and future professionals in the creative industry? We are now designing trial versions of student workshops that evolve into modular courses that will eventually be accessible online. Lessons learnt from the project will be introduced in the Inholland Creative Business curriculum. Inholland works with six European partners, and the other partners are in France, Poland and Estonia.

"Finding, interpreting, analyzing and presenting data are important skills for journalists and creative professionals. We've incorporated these into the trainings."

- Natalia Berger, researcher of MediaNumeric

How do we involve the study programmes?

Students will be able to take part in the pilot workshops and will benefit from an extended teaching program in the future.


How do we include the work field?

We are actively working together with our partners in the professional domain. Gijs van Beek (TextGain) for instance will be teaching part of the pilot course in Paris, spring 2022.

What are the desired outcomes?

We want to develop an online course, and update the Creative Business curriculum.

Training Programme MediaNumeric

During the MediaNumeric's Training Programme, an intensive six-day course, students discovered how the current world of media and storytelling is shaped by data. 

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