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Open Call: Apply Now for the MediaNumeric Course Summer 2022

Inholland University of Applied Sciences is proud to host the second edition of the MediaNumeric course “Data-driven journalism, creative storytelling & fact-checking" at our location in The Hague on June 27th to July 2nd. In this six-day intensive course, students will discover how data shapes the current world of media and storytelling in a hands-on and international setting.

Are you interested in understanding:

  • How to access, analyse and understand data?
  • What data-driven storytelling is and why it is important?
  • Where misinformation comes from and how fact-checking works?
  • What media ethics is and what is the social impact of journalism and media transitions?

Do these characteristics apply to you:

  • Are you open-minded to work in an international group and jointly create stories based on data?
  • Are you interested in working in spreadsheets and processing data?
  • Do you have interest in current technological changes and their influence on society and the media?

If all or most of your answers to the above-listed questions are yes, then the MediaNumeric course is for you.
Apply before May 9th!

See in the testimonial how students from our first edition describe the MediaNumeric course in three words.

Student testimonials_3Words

Want to watch more testimonials? Find out what tips students have for new participants and what their biggest take away is.

Find your own practical path to the world of data
The MediaNumeric Training Course will provide you with a unique opportunity to learn the basics of data journalism and storytelling through a set of theoretical and practical courses spanning data extraction methods, data analysis and visualisation, as well as crafting stories based around data. The course will also look at the growing area of fact checking and tracking the spread of misinformation around the world. You will work with professionals who will guide you through the learning process, show you how they approach data-specific tasks, and support you and your classmates in investigating a case study in which you will put the skills you learn into action. The course offers you the theoretical know-how, tools and skills needed to take on data-driven journalism and storytelling as well as fact checking, and all of the creative and professional opportunities it offers.

We have devised this training course around four main building blocks in order to build a diverse learning experience:

1. Introductory Sessions
You will participate in lively and informative session formats (such as panel discussions, round tables, lectures, etc.) where renowned international experts will discuss issues related to data-driven journalism and storytelling and fact-checking.

2. Workshops
Across the course you will work on a real-life case study. You will be asked to go through a process of linking your tasks to the three theoretical modules. Throughout the whole process you will be guided by a set of experts and facilitators.

3. Study visit
You will visit the Netherlands Institute for Sound & Vision, located in the Hilversum Media Park, to dive into the rich world of moving image and sound archives and to engage in conversation with experts in creative reuse and journalistic work, to observe how theory is turned into practice on a daily basis in a real-world professional setting.

4. Networking
You will be able to socialise with peers and experts and explore the city and surroundings of The Hague. Through study visits and meetings with experts you will also get to know the other participants well and build long-lasting relationships that will support your future work and further career development.

Who should apply for the MediaNumeric course?
The course is open to 3rd-year or 4th-year BA students and MA students from the three academic partners of MediaNumeric: Inholland University of Applied Sciences, SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities, and INA Institut national de l’audiovisuel. While a journalism background is not required, an interest in data and storytelling is strongly encouraged.

Since the upcoming edition of MediaNumeric course is hosted by Inholland’s Creative Business domain, we strongly encourage 3rd and 4th year bachelor’s students from our domain programs to apply. These programs include:

  • (International) Creative Business
  • Communications
  • Business Innovation
  • Leisure Management
  • Facilities Management
  • Tourism Management

We also encourage Inholland students from other domain programs who have an interest in data-driven storytelling (i.e. Computer Science and Information Technology) to also apply.

All applicants must have an advanced command of English (spoken and written). 

The MediaNumeric Selection Committee will choose 20 participants from all eligible candidates. 16 participants will come from Inholland University of Applied Sciences (NL), 2 participants from INA (FR), and 2 participants from SWPS (PL). Participants will be selected and prioritized based on the following criteria:

  • overall application score (including assessment of self-evaluation and performance targets, commitment and dedication to the school’s objectives)
  • skills and experience, diversity (from an under-represented social group, representing different nationalities/ethnic groups).

The MediaNumeric training course offers 5 ECTS points and has no course fee for participating students.

How to Apply
Applications for the MediaNumeric program must be submitted by Monday, May 9th, 2022 via the MediaNumeric website application portal. The application results will be announced on 23 May 2022. 

In case of any queries, kindly contact us at or reach out to MediaNumeric Program Managers from Inholland: and

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