Cost of living in the Netherlands

Your cost of living will vary depending on your own lifestyle. In general, the cost of housing is the main expense involved in studying in the Netherlands, due to high demand (and low supply).  Some cities are obviously more expensive than others, with Amsterdam being the most expensive.

Monthly expenses

Experience has shown that students living and studying in the Randstad spend approximately € 1,150 a month. This amount is needed to cover daily expenses, meals, accommodation, insurance, study books, etc. The estimate does not include tuition fees or travel costs  and should be used as a general indication of the costs of living in the Netherlands.

  • Accommodation (shared, including utilities): € 600 - €800 per month
  • Accommodation in Amsterdam (private sector, shared, including utilities: starts from € 650
  • Basic health insurance: starts from € 100 per month
  • Groceries: approx. € 200 per month 

Other expenses

  • A meal in a reasonably priced restaurant: approx. € 30
  • Cinema ticket: € 11,50
  • Cup of tea/coffee in a café: € 2,20
  • Beer: € 3,20
  • Milk (1 litre): € 1,15
  • Bicycle (second-hand): € 100
  • Bicycle (new): € 300

For more information about costs and funding, please take a look at our FAQ page. If you need help finding a suitable bank to open a Dutch bank account, please contact the International Office. They will be happy to help! 


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