Tourism Management (ENG) full-time

Make your personal dreams come true through a career in tourism

Opportunities are there for the taking!

Villages, cities, countries and entire cultures: you have it in you to make the world more beautiful. Inside and outside the Netherlands. The adventures and memories are waiting for you.

Will you seize that opportunity? The chance to develop yourself, make the world a more beautiful place and enjoy adventure travel?

Enrol in the Tourism Management programme. It is time to choose. Choose where to go.

And no matter where that is - we will help you along your journey. Step by step.

Where does your career start?
City marketing, working at a tour operator or event organization, in management or HR, your own business, at the municipality: the options are endless.

Jobs within your reach

  • product manager
  • (online) marketing manager
  • marketing strategist
  • entrepreneur in the travel industry
  • buyer in the Netherlands or abroad
  • city marketing expert or policy officer/advisor at a municipality¬†
  • manager at a hotel chain, tour operator, attraction or congress location

Important - you will not be trained to become:

  • tour guide
  • Steward(ess)
  • receptionist(s)
  • food & beverage manager

Make a lasting impact as a, for example:

Product Manager
Take charge of a particular part of the organisation where you will be working. As a product manager, you will close contracts with hotels, airlines and local agencies. All while travelling.

Marketing Strategist
You will be the brains behind the marketing of tourism organisations, campaigns and municipalities. As a marketing strategist, your creative approach and strategic thinking come together in a position where no day is the same.

City marketing expert
You advise local governments on everything related to tourism. How do you prevent over-tourism? How do you spread tourists around the city? What should a municipality think about when they open a new attraction? You work as a policy officer, at a city marketing agency or as a freelance consultant.

Sustainable travel expert
You put together trips that allow tourists to enjoy endlessly, without the world paying a price. You take into account both the environment and local residents. You prefer small-scale and unforgettable over mass tourism and commercialism.

(Online) marketing manager
As an (online) marketing manager, you make sure your product or organisation gets the attention it deserves. You think strategically, but bring your plans to life both online and offline.

You also manage a team and get the creative juices flowing to come up with innovative solutions. Trends? You already know them. As a result, you know exactly how to trigger existing and new customers over and over again.

Start your own business in tourism. Invent an innovative product, offer customized tours, help organisations as a marketing agency and more. Work alone or with your own team. In the Netherlands, or abroad. You have all the freedom to work for a more beautiful world.

Policy officers/advisor at the municipality
As a municipal policy officer or advisor, you chart the route that ensures your municipality attracts and retains more tourism. You give advice on recreation and tourism on a strategic and operational level. You will also work with other local municipalities and regional and provincial authorities.

Because having a vision is one thing, but putting it into practice is another.

You? You can do both.

Manager at a tourism organisation
A tour operator, hotel chain, airline, attraction or convention venue: as an executive, you manage your own team at one of these organisations.

What career opportunities do you have as a Tourism Management graduate?

Graduate Julia Bakces talks about her current job.

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Develop further and make even more of a difference

After graduation, you will be ready for a full-fledged career that will allow you to make an impact in practice. On residents, businesses and visitors. But: do you want more?

 With a Tourism Management diploma in your pocket, you can continue your development by choosing an advanced degree. For example:

  • Cultural Anthropology
  • Leisure Sciences
  • Recreation and Tourism Studies
  • International and Tourism Studies
  • Leisure, Tourism and Environment
  • Business and Communication Studies
  • European Master in Tourism Management


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