Tourism Management (ENG) full-time

Useful info about Tourism Management

Start date 2024

We will begin on Monday, September 4, 2023 (week 36).


The course takes 4 years to complete.


Bachelor of Arts (BA).

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Inholland Amsterdam
Pina Bauschplein 4
1095 PN Amsterdam
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Tuition Fee 2024-2025

Statutory tuition fees: €2,530
Institutional tuition fees: €9,732

Use the Tuition Fees Guide to calculate your tuition fees.

Other costs

Books year 1: +- €500 (when you buy everything new)

Cost study tour year 1: +- €350

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A reliable laptop is essential to get the most out of the study. We recommend having one which you can work easily and quickly on.

Our recommendations:

  • CPU: Intel Core i5 1021U or something similar
  • RAM: 8 GB or more
  • SSD: 250 GB or more
  • Webcam, microphone and speakers (for online classes and meetings)
  • HDMI-ports (so you can use your laptops for presentations)
  • USB Type C1, 2nd generation

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About the study load and required credits

Each academic year is divided into 4 periods of 10 weeks. Per week you should count on a study load of about 40 hours.

Of this, 20 hours are lectures. During the remaining hours, you will meet with group members on projects, prepare for lectures and exams, and work on assignments.

The number of hours of lectures decreases slightly each year. That means fewer lectures and more time to focus on self-study and the practical assignments that are central to your track.

You can get 15 credits per term, so 60 per year.

Binding Study Recommendation

During the first year, we review your past study results. Do you meet the requirements to continue your studies? And is the programme feasible? We answer this in a piece of study advice. With this advice, you will know in time whether you can continue or whether it is wiser to switch studies.

The most important part of this study recommendation is the number of credits earned (European Credits, or ECs). The requirement for Tourism Management is a minimum of 45 ECs.

Not enough (45) credits at the end of year 1? Then you will receive a negative binding study advice. You cannot continue with Tourism Management at Inholland.

Tourism Management at Inholland

  1. Join our management course and gain in-demand skills for a vital industry that plays a crucial role in the global economy: tourism.
  2. Get hands-on experience through internships and assignments, and learn by doing.
  3. Our programme challenges you to think creatively and make a positive impact on the world.
  4. With support from experienced coaches in the tourism industry, you will become a specialist in 4 years.
  5. Go behind the scenes of the tourism industry and discover the world in a way that is all your own.

Special Circumstances

Our student counsellors are here to support you if personal circumstances are hindering your ability to focus on your studies. Whether you face personal challenges, have a disability, illness, family matters, or combine top-level sports with studying, we provide tailored guidance and support.

Contact our student counsellors at  before you apply to discuss how we can help you succeed academically.

Study in Figures

This data compares Tourism Management with equivalent programmes at other universities of applied sciences. This information is gathered by the Dutch government and is designed specifically for Dutch students. The numbers and percentages do not reflect our international population.

3,6van 5
Student satisfaction Nationwide 3.7
Advancement to second year Nationwide 78%
Finds a suitable job 1.5 years after graduation


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