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"Shortly after I graduated, I already started working at"

Graduate Zsófia Steiner

Why did you choose to pursue a programme at Inholland University?
I spent quite some time researching universities in the Netherlands. I was primarily searching for tourism programmes but I was also interested in business and culture. The programme description of Inholland appealed to me so I decided to send an e-mail to which I received a prompt response. As the communication was very friendly, I decided to become a Student for a Dayat in March 2010. Afterwards, I decided to enrol for the programme.

How did you experience your programme?
It was something really different from the education system in Hungary.
It is more practical, we did a lot of projects and assignments which prepared me for professional life. The study material is up-to-date, we studied a lot about upcoming trends and innovations in the industry. The teachers have a long history of working in the tourism industry and thus they are all experts in their fields.

For me, it was a bit difficult to learn how to adjust to the education system. It is not so much learning the books by heart but more understanding and applying the knowledge you have learnt.

What qualities do you need as a student to be successful in this programme?
You need to be open and willing to adjust. By this I mean, you need to adjust to a new country, new culture, new school and new people. As there are a lot of students from all different countries it is very interesting, however, you need to work together and understand each other in order to deliver the required result.

Why would you recommend this programme to other students?
The programme is very diverse, there are a lot of business elements as well as, of course, tourism. This really appealed to me as I am interested in both and it gives you good backgrounds in not only tourism but also general business and marketing.
The teachers are approachable, they always have time to help you and give you advice. I do think this is one of the best things about Inholland.

What practical experience have you gained during your programme?
As I mentioned before, there are a lot of practical elements. The best example is the internship, which is part of the study programme. For 20 weeks you work at a company full-time. It is a good way to prepare yourself for a full-time job.

During my internship, I performed various tasks:
I organised business conferences, performed recruitment activities and helped with marketing-related tasks.

How about your career after graduation day, could you tell us how you ended up at your current job? Shortly after I graduated (one month), I started working at, one of the leading companies in the international tourism industry.
I applied just before I received my grade for my graduation project and I was content to hear that they were happy to hire me. I started at the Customer Service department but after exactly one year, I got the opportunity to move to Recruitment.

Could you tell us more about your current job?
At the moment I work as a Recruitment Coordinator at My tasks include a lot of logistical skills, I need to speak to the recruiter colleagues, hiring managers, and other coordinators. I am responsible for scheduling interview sessions with the candidates, opening new jobs on the website, and contacting the candidates. I am the main point of contact for the candidates during the recruitment process.

Why did you choose to apply for this job?
As a tourism student, I learnt a lot about and for me, it seemed exciting to have the opportunity to work for such a successful, international company. We really are in the centre of the tourism industry and we play a considerable part in the changes that take place in tourism nowadays. One of these changes, for example, is the growth in the number of individual travellers.
The company is very dynamic, many things change in a short period of time. For me, it is exciting to be part of it.

What kind of knowledge from your study are you putting into practice now?
My team at work consists of international people. I have a great experience in working with people from different countries so I get on well with my colleagues.
I put a lot of my communication skills into practice as well as problem-solving skills.

I put a lot of the knowledge from my internship experience into practice which was a combination of organisational and recruitment tasks. I adapt very quickly to the team environment, this is definitely the result of working in project groups for four years.

Where do you see yourself in five years from now?
I have a lot of plans but for now, I would like to grow within the company. As it is a huge organisation, with offices in countries all around the world, I have many opportunities. I cannot say that I have a dream job or dream position but I look forward to the future.


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