The Hague,

Corona measures 12 January

Online education remains the norm, with the exception of practical classes and exams

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Yesterday the cabinet announced to extend the current corona measures for three weeks, until 9 February. This means we will mainly offer online education to you at least until 7 February.

An exception is made for practical classes and exams. Those will take place, as scheduled, on location. Your study programme will inform you about what this exactly means for you. Regarding internships, the same rules apply as to the sector or branch in which your internship takes place. If the activities of the sector continue, the internship can also continue.

In the meantime our buildings remain open for practical classes and exams. For these purposes the commute to and from our buildings are deemed as necessary travel and are therefore permitted. For all other instances, the same rule applies: study at home. If you really cannot study at home, you can study from 10 am until 4 pm at the university. However, we do not encourage this. If you do come to the university buildings, please abide to the rules that apply in the buildings. Opening hours may change due to scheduled exams and practical classes.

Are you worried? Talk to someone about this!
The fact that we ask you to study online a little longer requires a lot of flexibility and adaptability. We know this is tough. Are you worried about your studies? Or are you afraid you have fallen behind due to corona or to another circumstance? Or are you just done with everything now, due to whatever reason?

Talk to someone about this and contact your study programme, study counsellor, coach, a dean or a student buddy of the Student Success Centre. The Student Success Centre is by the way the perfect place for workshops and practical assistance during your study. Or for a virtual coffee and a friendly chat. Hang in there! Take care of your health. Take care of yourself and look after each other.

You can find more information about corona measures via Knowledge Base on Iris.