Business trips with the focus track International Music Management

On Tuesday November 14 we have organized a day full of business trips with the 3rd year focus track and elective: International Music Management of Creative Business (EN) at Inholland Haarlem.

With 22 students we have visited the venue Melkweg in Amsterdam for a guided tour behind the scenes in the morning. After that we went out for lunch with the whole group and 2 teachers from the work field in Tolhuistuin. After that we were invited by Sony Music and Sony Music Publishing from 2pm till 4pm. Bart Wisman (Head of Marketing Benelux), Hans Schlattman (Head of Sync Department Benelux) and Joel de Vriend (A&R, Creative Department) hosted Masterclasses about their work in their offices: A’dam Tower, Amsterdam-Noord.

The focus of the elective: International Music Management, which is open for students from other Universities via “Kies Op Maat”, Exchange students and students within the domain Creative Business, is to connect them with the work field and teach them the different professional roles in the international music business. They learn to create value as an intermediary. It all has to do with bringing the music to the audiences or listening ears and add value to a sustainable music ecosystem. Therefore the program is focused on knowledge (music copyright, cash flows and ethics), skills (scouting, music pitches and contract negotiations), research (new tech developments and trends) and concept creating to apply this in a professional role in the international music industry.

The goal of these business trips is to connect and network with the music industry and give students a better view on the different possibilities for internships in the second half of their third year. Sony Music invited us because they see a gap between educated young professionals and the music industry. “It is hard to find new talent and there are so many vacant internships and jobs in content creating, data analyses, sync licensing, A&R and marketing. Therefore we think it is really important to open our doors for young motivated students,” says Bart Wisman at Sony Music.

Vera van de Loo, student KoM, confirms that it is good for a student to get a glimpse behind the scenes: "Getting a tour around the backstage area at Melkweg and visiting the Sony Music (Publishing) office in Amsterdam was a unique and very interesting experience. Especially the masterclasses from the Heads of Marketing, Sync and Publishing, and A&R at Sony Music were incredibly insightful!" Jana Hör, student Creative Business (EN): "I really liked gaining some new perspectives through the masterclasses not just from the label but also from the publisher side of Sony Music and Sony Music Publishing. It was also very interesting to get to see the backstage area of the Melkweg and learn more about its history and vision for the future."

Last year we also organized business trips in Hilversum to Wisseloord Studio’s, venue De Vorstin and Universal Music. “I think it is great that these music companies welcome our young professionals, which helps and inspires them to make choices for their future careers. It is also important to hear the stories of the experts in the current music business and have the possibility to network in an early stage,” says Neeltje Mooring, Course Leader and Lecturer International Music Management. “Before Corona we also organized international business trips in the U.S. together with our partner Berklee College of Music. We hope we can continue this in the near future to give our students also a more international experience and perspective.”