The Hague,

Corona measures: back to the University buildings without keeping 1,5 meters distance


We have received good news during the press conference on Friday 13th August – all educational activities can take place in the University buildings in the coming academic year. As of August 30th 2021 education will take place without having to keep the 1,5 metres distance. We hoped this would be the case and have prepared our buildings, but of course it is a great relief to have the official ‘Go’. Just like many of you, we have been looking forward to being on campus physically and meeting you all in person.

A number of measures apply for everyone:

  • Wearing a mask is mandatory when in the hallways and moving between classes in the University buildings
  • The maximum number of people allowed per classroom is 75
  • We kindly ask you to follow the walking routes we have put in place when moving within the buildings and between classrooms

Introduction activities, 1,5 meter distance rule still applies
Until 30th of August , the current rules will remain in place. This means that all education related activities will have to follow the current 1,5 meter rule. Programme specific information about the introduction activities for your programme can be found on the MyStart app.

We know you are probably looking forward to meet all your classmates again and be able to socialise in groups, however we would like to assume our responsibility to keep the infection rates as low as possible. Even though it is not mandatory to do, we would like to kindly ask you to self-test no more than twice a week, when coming to the buildings. In the case of a positive self-test, we would like to ask you to stay at home and make an appointment for a PCR test. Doing a self-test is also wise if you have been vaccinated.

Note: only use a self-test if you don’t have symptoms. If this is the case, please make an appointment for a PCR test.

You will receive two self-test kits, if you haven’t already received them. If you run out of kits, you can pick some up at the reception of your location.

We hope you will consider getting vaccinated – it is essential for as many people as possible to do so to fight the virus.

We realize that getting together with many people can be exciting for some. Please make this a topic of discussion with your fellow students and teachers as well.