'Creating sustainable change on the red carpet'

Start Up Campus Haarlem in conversation with Amber Sickman

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Amber Sickman (22) Business Studies student, makes and rents her own clothing. Her dream is to get her exclusive sustainable clothes on the red carpet.

I constantly challenge myself
“I am someone who just tries. I have lots of technical knowledge, but entrepreneurship is still just trying. I cannot sit still. If you put me in a team, I often take a leading and stimulating role. That is what the feedback forms always say. But I like to get things done, that is all. That is just in me. Even watching a movie bothers me, haha. There is always an event I want to go to or a project I want to do. I am constantly challenging myself. ”

“Because my size is very small, most store clothes are too big for me. This was my impetus to start making my own clothes. I come from an entrepreneurial family. From the home front, I was very encouraged. 'Please do what you like' my parents always say. Eventually, this resulted in a making and rental business of exclusive sustainable clothing.”

No ‘fast fashion’ for me
"There is already so much clothing in the world. The way fast fashion is made does not appeal to me. Therefore, I started making and renting occasion clothes myself. Think parties, galas, and red carpets. That is where I want others to shine! Now my garments are often rented for photo shoots to people who want to build their portfolios. Thus, I work with many emerging models, photographers, and makeup artists." 

“There is a lot of craft, knowledge, and time in everything I create. So, by working with the stylists of the future, I hope to make lasting changes on the red carpet. I would find it very cool if soon BN'ers (ed. Dutch celebrities) rent a dress from me. That is what I am going for!”

“The most important thing for me is that people feel comfortable in my clothes. And for the stylists, I want everything to be well organized. With me, you will not find a 'button' you just push. But my personal attention to the details, appointments, and delivery makes the difference.”

“I provide a video demonstrating how to put on and take off the garment, iron it, and put it back in the box neatly. This is how I make sure my garments last as long as possible.”

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Futureproof planning in SUCH
“At Start Up Campus Haarlem, I have already learned so much. I have been going there for a few years now. I attended many ICE sessions, Power Women's Day, and several Starters Skillsets. Now I am following the Starters program. Here I make my plans concrete and future-proof.” 

“My dream is to have a couple of tailors working with me to establish an exclusive brand. I do not want to be behind a sewing machine 24/7. Maintaining customer contact and making sure that my brand gets onto the market seems wonderful to me.” 

“SUCH is a source of motivation for me. I really like that there is a place where I can spar, come up with new ideas, and expand my network. You get to know many great new people that you can move forward with in the future.”

Doing business is about trying it out. 
“Entrepreneurship is something you do because you enjoy it. Not directly because it makes you a lot of money. I advise everyone who wants to start a business not to hesitate too much and just do it. Find people around you who want to encourage you and think with you. I got a lot from the other students in the Startup program but also from a few entrepreneurial friends and family members. I nd that peers are good to spar with. We are in the same boat.”

“I experiment a lot. I buy leftover fabric and use it to make exclusive creations. But I am also present on social media on Instagram and TikTok. I started with ASMR videos, where you only hear scissors or a sewing machine. Those are catching on and are super well-viewed! As I said, entrepreneurship is trying. And I will keep doing that!”

About SUCH: 
Start Up Campus Haarlem is the place for entrepreneurial students of Inholland University of Applied Sciences. Through an inspiring five-month program of events and workshops, you work on entrepreneurial skills, and your network grows rapidly. Entrepreneurship begins at Start Up Campus Haarlem! Want to know when the next Start or Growth program starts? Check our Instagram or website


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