Crossing the ocean for sustainability with Clean2Antarctica

A passion for sustainability has driven Business Innovation student Tess Plein to participate in Clean2Antarctica. From 19 November to 16 December, she and 18 other students will be sailing across the Atlantic to seek out creative solutions that will help facilitate the transition to a circular economy. Tess and Clean2Antarctica are looking for sponsors. Go to the website and find out how you could make a sustainable contribution.

In her Business Innovation studies, she has chosen the 'macro innovation' graduation track where she is learning how to use business and entrepreneurship as a driving force for tackling social problems. Tess: 'Through my degree programme I became aware of Clean2Antarctica, a non-profit organisation which shows how you can make a big impact even if you start small. In this case, with the first solar-powered expedition to the South Pole and a sailing think tank. After a stringent selection procedure, I was selected to take part in 'Leg 2' of the Quest for Change with other students from numerous different disciplines and every corner of the world.'

Clean2Antarctica is regularly featured on the TV show Hart van Nederland, continues to appear in several (international) newspapers and has been highlighted by National Geographic, among other publications.

Learning means daring
According to Tess, the vision of Clean2Antarctica ties in with the Inholland themes such as the core topic of Working on sustainable solutions, as well as Learning = daring. Tess: 'The same themes also take centre stage in both my personal and professional life, my studies and the Quest for Change. Inholland stands for learning by daring. Learning by trying out new things, being courageous and flexible, learning what the world needs: this is exactly what I would like to achieve with this Quest.'

About Clean2Antarctica
Clean2Antarctica is an alliance of driven people who challenge themselves and each other to come up with inventive ways of building a community which accelerates the transition to the circular economy. They believe that if you want to achieve something, you also need to take a practical step towards your goal yourself, no matter how uncomfortable this may be. Don't get stuck in plans and intentions, just do it! And if you don't know how or what, have the courage to experiment. They are dreaming of a green, liveable and clean world in which we continue to inspire each other and help each other to grow. A circular society in which not just humans, but everything on the planet has its rights.

More info or sponsoring? Mail Tess.

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