Business Innovation (EN) fulltime

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Business Innovation is for those who want to learn how to breathe life into their ideas. You’ll find a match here if you:

  • like to challenge the status quo and ask critical questions
  • are a creative spirit who likes to experiment
  • want to pursue real-life challenges right from the start
  • are interested in solving complex societal and environmental problems

We give you the compass, not the map. You will learn to initiate, take risks, and reflect on your own personal and professional growth. These are crucial, modern-day skills that will prove important once you start your professional career.

A former student said:

“Throughout my period at Business Innovation, I felt as if I was the one in charge, the one who writes my own BI story. At first this was a big obstacle, as I was used to setting structures and boundaries. As a result, I again had to learn how to learn. I really love to compare myself to the 18-year-old me who just started BI. I believe BI has helped me a lot in terms of getting to know myself.” 

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4 years full-time

(Online) Open Evening 5 June

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What you need to know about Business Innovation

  1. Our lecturers and fellow students are here to guide you every step of the way, but you can choose your own path instead of following a fixed programme.
  2. Your assigned projects come from actual companies, so the solutions you come up with have a real impact.
  3. Creativity takes many forms – whether yours is more strategic, conceptual or artistic, we will help you reach your full potential.
  4. We invite students from many different countries and backgrounds to study in Diemen (Amsterdam). Since we are moving soon, you will spend a large part of the programme in a brand new Amsterdam school!
  5. Business Innovation is not a traditional business programme. Here, it’s all about innovation!
  6. Are you going to study in Amsterdam? Then you will start at our new campus in the Sluisbuurt on 1 September.

Students pitch concept 'Seenergy' to create awareness

Amsterdam Sluisbuurt

A brand new establishment of Inholland will be build in Amsterdam Sluisbuurt to accommodate the study programmes currently located at Amsterdam and Diemen. How to get residents already enthusiastic and involved? How can a new area contribute to a community? Within the Creative Growth Initiative (CGI) minor and supported by SLUISlab Inholland, students from various courses came up with ideas. “The Tors” came up with the original concept “Seenergy”: tiles converting human movement into energy. When you step or jump on a tile it'll generate energy from that particular human walking movement.

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