Business Innovation (EN) fulltime

Knowledge is nothing without innovation and action.

Our world is changing more rapidly than ever. Predictability of the future is history. Uncertainty has become the norm. For today's businesses to remain relevant, the question of innovation isn't so much an 'if', but a 'how'. More than ever, businesses need to be able to foresee and understand key trends that will shape the future of technology, customer behaviour, society and the marketplace, and connect these trends to their own product and position. With Business Innovation, you will grow into the professional who can make that happen.

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Open Evening 31 October

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What you need to know about Business Innovation

  1. This is not a standard business course. We mix traditional business, innovation, creativity and internationalisation.
  2. The student population of Business Innovation consists of approximately 50% Dutch and 50% international students.
  3. We have a unique international learning environment.
  4. The educational philosophy is innovative and challenging.
  5. Our students develop and implement real changes in societal challenges.
  6. We enable you to be the master of your own study and development.

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Creative student teams from Inholland The Hague and Diemen contributed to the large-scale 2016 TEDxBinnenhof event in The Hague's Ridderzaal. They organised parallel viewing parties and a competition at Inholland The Hague and Diemen, laying the groundwork for further collaboration between our University of Applied Sciences and the world-famous TEDx organisation.

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