Generation Z and the flexible courses of the faculty of CRB

A conversation with Arsjaad Imami, manager and co-developer

Arsjaad Imami

In the latest "trend paper" of temporary employment agency (and Inholland relation) ASA, Generation Z is leading. A generation, born between 1995 and 2010, that we find everywhere in our courses and that we try to serve and challenge as well as possible. How do we do that? Among other things, by renewing our education. 

One of the drivers of this is Arsjaad Imami, manager of the Facility Management and Business Innovation programmes and also co-developer of the new flexible educational concept. This is now running as a pilot in the Facility Management and Communication programmes and is pre-eminently aimed at Generation Z..

Read all about Generation Z in the ASA Trendpaper February 2023 (only in Dutch). The conversation with Arsjaad about our innovative education can be found on page 12!

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Are you looking for a quick overview of what the renewed educational concept in the FM and Communication programmes entails? Check out this presentation... 

Want to get in touch with Arsjaad himself? Mail to Arsjaad.Imami@inholland.nl