Go International! at Inholland Rotterdam

world in your hand

Go International 2019 will take place at Inholland Rotterdam on February 12th 2019. This event aims to encourage students to take up the challenge to go abroad. This is an annual event this year organized by the International Office.

The International Office and International Coordinator of your faculty will be available to answer your questions. Also, students who have been abroad for study or internship will also be present to share their experiences with you. And not to forget, external parties (in particular for internship queries) are also represented. Still not sure what to do? Come anyway and get the full picture so you can make the right decision about minors and internship abroad.

Info market (Plaza 1st floor) 13:30 – 15:30 hours
Presentations (1-320)  13:30 Session 1 | 14:30 Session 2