Koos Zwaan appointed as Professor of Innovation in the Music Industry

Lector-Koos Zwaan

The Executive Board of Inholland University of Applied Sciences has appointed Koos Zwaan as Professor of Innovation in the Music Industry as of 7 November. Koos had been part of the Creative Business Research Center as associate professor since 1 August 2011. He is also lablead of the International Music Industry lab, one of the living labs of the Faculty of Creative Business.

Koos Zwaan: "I am honoured that the Executive Board, out of appreciation for my work as associate professor and the importance given by Inholland University of Applied Sciences to innovation in the music industry, has decided to appoint me as professor. Within the research group, and the IMI lab, I give substance to innovation by looking at three overlapping forms of innovation. Technological innovation, which can include the rise of generative AI, but also blockchain for digital revenue sharing, VR/AR, and immersive sound. Creative innovation, which is often about how that technology is used to create innovative musical productions. Think also of the emergence of relatively new genres of music, such as EDM and hip-hop, that opened the way for the emergence of these genres through, at the time, novel technological innovations. Or more recently, how the rise of short video platforms like TikTok have provided a new form of creative expression for musical talent. And social innovation, where the power of music is used to bring about social change, such as sustainability or inclusion and diversity. At the same time, this can also mean how this industry itself needs to transform and work on these kinds of themes, how do you ensure that the music industry itself becomes more sustainable and inclusive?"

Bas van Spréw, Dean, Faculty of Creative Business: “There are many issues at play in the music industry that are important to both the sector and wider society. These include sustainability, the rise of new technology, ethics and social safety, good working conditions and fair pay for creators and other professionals in the industry, and inclusion and diversity, both in the venue, on stage, and behind the scenes. Innovation in the music industry has since long been a focus within Inholland University of Applied Sciences. We educate a lot of students who contribute to the innovative capacity of the music industry from their role as artists, managers, event managers or innovation specialists. It is therefore perfectly logical to choose to contribute to innovation in the music industry through applied research as well. I am proud that Koos is leading this as a professor from our faculty."

Peggy van Schijndel, Managing Director, Creative Business Research Center: “As Creative Business Research Center, we have a lot of experience with design research for social issues. It comes full circle nicely when we can do the same for creative professionals in another design discipline: music. I am also delighted that we can appoint a colleague as a professor. As associate professor, Koos has shown for many years that his experience as a lecturer at various programmes within Inholland is enormously useful in connecting education and research. The International Music Industry lab is a great example of this.”