New look & feel for Knowledge base on Iris

Knowledge base, the environment on Iris where you can find answers to practically any question you have about Inholland University of Applied Sciences, acquired a new look & feel. The navigation has been improved and the new design of the Knowledge base is fresher. We hope that this will make it easier and quicker for students and colleagues to find information.

User-friendliness was the number one priority in implementing the improvements in the Knowledge base. These include:

  • Table of contents: when you browse through the Knowledge base you will now see a collapsible table of contents on the left-hand side so that you can easily navigate to related topics or other topics of interest.
  • Add subject to favourites: you can now add topics directly to your favourites on the Iris homepage. You can do this by clicking on 'favourite' at the bottom right of the relevant page.
  • See the number of views: At the top right of a page you can now see how often a topic has been viewed.
  • Share a topic: You can share a topic with colleagues/students by clicking on 'share via email' at the bottom of the page.
  • Renewed feedback button: Do you feel information on a particular topic is missing or unclear? The feedback button at the bottom of the Knowledge base pages has been renewed and now has more options. For example, you can indicate how helpful the topic was or ask the topic owner a question.
  • Recently changed: at the top of a page, you can now see when a topic was last changed.
  • More topics: you now see the number of topics in a particular section or category, e.g. +5 topics.
  • The improvements don't stop there, of course. We are continuously improving and developing our intranet.

Curious? Take a look at the new-style Knowledge base, discover the latest features and the new navigation menu. Feedback is always welcome, of course. Send an email to iris@inholland.nl.