UPDATE – Personal data possibly exposed online


Due to the data breach which we have informed you about earlier on, illegally obtained personal data of people with an Inholland Moodle account is now being exposed and possibly sold.

We now know this regards the following personal information: email address, first name and last name. In case you have filled in other personal details of your Inholland Moodle profile, chances are these personal details are also part of the data breach.

We have found the cause of the data breach in Moodle and we have taken measures. This means that the previously communicated measure with double login for Moodle is no longer necessary.

What can you do on an individual level?

  • We recommend to use different passwords.
  • Pay attention to digital matters that you don’t trust.
  • Check the email address: is the email actually sent by the sender.
  • Please pay special attention to matters that might seem dodgy to you. Stay alert when it comes to emails that request you to enter data, to make payments by clicking on links and opening attachments. A lot of times you cannot distinguish these messages from being truth or false.
  • If you have any doubts: do not click on the link!
  • Did you unintentionally respond to a request, please report this directly at the Servicepunt IVT: servicepuntivt@inholland.nl

More information
Do you have more questions based on the information above? Check Knowledge Base on Iris for the most frequently asked questions. In case new information becomes available, you will be informed via email.