SSC Amsterdam/Diemen in conversation with director Bas van Spréw

Podcast Student Dilemmas about leadership and student success

The Student Success Centre Amsterdam/Diemen has started a series of (video) podcasts: SSC Student Dilemmas. The student buddies recently broadcast a 'special' with Bas van Spréw, director of the Faculty of Creative Business and Amsterdam/Diemen location since 1 February 2022. Amna Chedhli interviewed him about leadership and student success. 

While Bas gives his take on leadership, we get to know our new director a little better. He tells us that his dream used to be to become a history teacher. He also has plenty of tips for the students, including: Enjoy now! And don't worry too much about the future.

‘Sense of belonging’     
The SSC wants students to feel at home at Inholland. This sense of belonging is important for the well-being and study success of students. To promote this, the SSC Amsterdam/Diemen makes a wide range of topics open for discussion in the Student Dilemmas podcast. The podcasts can be found on Spotify under the title Student Dilemmas Podcast and they are also posted on Instagram. Students propose the topics themselves. Examples are dyslexia, studying when you have a child, young entrepreneurship and getting to know the lhbtiq+ community at Inholland. 

The podcasts are organized by two Business Innovation students: Amna Chedli and Badr Azhar. For that reason, most conversations are in English, with the occasional exception when student buddy Laila leads the conversation. 

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