Student panel of the Creative Business faculty helps building on innovative education

Creative Business on Tour Episode 3; student-oriented services in practice


As a student you want to take control and choose your own learning path. But to be able to do that, optimal student-oriented services are indispensable. That is why in this new episode of Creative Business on Tour we take a look behind the scenes of flexible education. We show how the Creative Business faculty gives substance to student-oriented services. And how students themselves make an important contribution to student-oriented education…

Curious about what is happening within our faculty? In four new episodes of Creative Business on Tour, colleagues and students take you on a tour through our faculty. Some places and initiatives you may know, others will be completely new to you. Hopefully this video series will give you an overview and information, but above all: inspiration!

Until the summer we publish a video every two weeks. This third episode focuses on student-oriented services. In Diemen, together with process coordinator Cath Kauffmann, we look “under the hood” of the Creative Business faculty. We also see the student panel in action and hear how active student participation leads to a better experience and greater satisfaction; for students and teachers.

The student panel (NL and EN) consists of 15 students. Every study program and every location of our faculty is represented, but more students are always welcome. Do you want to participate as a student or do you know a student who would like to participate? Or are you looking for more information about the student panel within the CRB faculty? Please contact Ellen Duit.

Would you like to know more about the scheduling program? Then please contact Cath Kauffmann.

Want to see the first episodes of Creative Business on Tour? Please watch here episode 1 (flexible education) and episode 2 (living labs).