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Students extremely satisfied with their study programmes at Inholland

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For the fourth year in a row, students’ satisfaction with their study programmes at Inholland University of Applied Sciences has increased. Notably, there has been a slight dip nationally; Inholland is actually the only broad-based university of applied sciences in the Randstad region to show an increase. Especially the Associate Degree Crossmedia Communication in Diemen and Construction Engineering in Haarlem experienced a sharp increase in satisfaction. Programmes in the field of social work received high marks as well. These are the results of the National Student Survey, the leading satisfaction survey among students in higher education, which is commissioned by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. Over a quarter of a million students took part in the survey.

Personal and community-based
One notable aspect is the English-language proficiency of Inholland staff. International students also report higher satisfaction with the assistance and personal guidance being offered. Other important aspects are that students at Inholland particularly value the personal approach and the way in which the programmes promote individual involvement. Esmée Hendriks studies in Haarlem: 'My lecturers are highly involved. They know who each and every student is and can put faces to all the names. If I tell a lecturer I’m a little nervous about handing in an assignment, they will definitely check back with me later. That motivates me to keep going.' Roel Homan, studying in Diemen, adds: 'Lecturers challenge us, sure, but they also help us look for solutions when we are facing a problem. I really appreciate that kind of involvement.'

The Hague student Melissa Kortekaas, is also pleased with how her programme affords her opportunities for involvement. 'After each block, our programme organises a meeting between a class representative, a lecturer and a programme coordinator. They discuss what went well during the block, which aspects could use improvement and what people thought of the timetable. As students, we really appreciate this. It makes us feel our opinions are being taken seriously.'

Guide, rather than lead students’
'In everything I do, I find it vital to guide students, rather than lead them,' Marco Bijsterbosch explains. Bijsterbosch, a lecturer in Tourism Management in Diemen, was recently named Inholland Lecturer of the Year for reasons including his passion for teaching, his willingness to experiment and the sense of connection he fosters with the professional community, students and fellow lecturers. 'I am constantly talking to students about their motivation and the best way for them to approach their tasks and challenges. I try to tell them that it’s most important to choose something that motivates them, something they feel passionate about, so that they learn to follow their hearts.'

Inholland’s Chair of the Board Jet de Ranitz is pleased with the positive feedback. 'Student satisfaction has risen for the fourth year in a row. Not only are students, lecturers and researchers achieving fine results, but our students are also extremely satisfied with how we are doing it. I am pleased that the results of the National Student Survey confirm that we are on the right track, and proud of where Inholland is today. This feedback from students will help us sustain our forward momentum.'

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