Feeling troubled? Having motivation problems? You’re not the only one!

Don’t sit it out – contact your student counsellor, study coach or learning coach


Recently many students have been finding it difficult to concentrate or keep themselves motivated. Moreover, since the start of corona many students have been feeling troubled to some extent. Are you also worrying about your studies? Or are you at risk of a study delay due to corona or other factors? Then talk to your study coach, PCM lecturer or learning coach about it and/or contact a student counsellor at your location!

If you’re feeling troubled in some way, you may feel you’re the only one in this situation. Or that other students can handle the consequences of corona much better than you can. But lots of students have difficulty with online teaching and spending lots of time at home. Initially we thought corona was a case of ‘just get through it, over soon’ but now it’s all lasting longer than we expected. And that’s creating new challenges.

One result is that students now don’t always know their classmates well. Not only is this less sociable and fun, it also makes it harder to ask your fellow students for help, or to find someone with whom you can study together.

What’s more, students who live alone now suddenly find themselves alone really often. And students who still live at home sometimes experience more problems with family members, because they’re at home more often and because it’s harder to find other nice things to do. Some students don’t have a good, quiet place to work and study at home. The room where you used mostly to chill and sleep is now also the place where you have to attend online lessons and study. It can be quite difficult for some people when all these things get mixed up.

Another thing that many students miss is letting off steam: doing sports, going to the pub in a group, celebrating a party or going to a football match.

Are you feeling troubled? Don’t sit it out!
All in all, many students are feeling worried about things. About money, because they’ve lost their job. About their studies, because it’s hard to concentrate on online teaching or because they were in quarantine during their exam period.. And of course there are also students who know people in their own circle with corona, or have lost someone to it.

Are you too worried about your studies? Don’t sit out – talk to your study coach, PCM lecturer, learning coach or a student counsellor about it. Are you at risk of a study delay, due to corona or other factors? Then contact the student counselling service at your location.

Student Success Centre
You can also contact the Student Success Centre at your location. The centre offers courses and (practical) help with studying. Or simply a cup of coffee and an open ear. Each SSC also has several student buddies who can give you additional help.