The Hague,

House rules concerning compulsory face masks: what is our approach?


The coronavirus is a problem affecting society as a whole. That's why it is important that we all contribute to creating a safe environment. We have recently added the compulsory use of face masks to our set of house rules. As of 1 December, face masks will be obligatory in all public indoor spaces nationwide. In this message we will explain our approach to this obligation.

As with all other anti-corona measures, such as social distancing, the most important thing to bear in mind is that we should call each other to account on compliance with the regulations and our house rules. So we ask all of you to accept your responsibility in this regard. If you see anyone not wearing a face mask, please ask them politely to comply with the regulations and put on a face mask.

Note that the obligation to wear a face mask does not apply to individuals who are unable to do so on account of a disability or illness.

We kindly ask the students concerned to contact a representative of their degree programme themselves and explain that they are exempted.